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Trench Warfare

rest and return after another 48h.The Germans first presented the gas attack on October 27, 1914 at Ypres. The gas attack consisted of chlorine, which would destroy eyesight, and make the victim couch ...

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The Five Major Battles.

Ypres-Canadian soldiers were sent to help protect the Western Front after training inEngland-They re ... Western Front in February 1915-They joined French-Algerian troops in the trenches near the town of Ypres-April 22, two months after arriving, Germany choose Ypres for the first gasattack ever-They se ...

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The Battle of Ypres, April 1915

mewhat silent sector on the Western Front to the apparent space in the line in front of the town of Ypres, Belgium. On the right of the Canadians would be two British Divisions, and on the left would ... and on the left would be a French division comprised of Algerian colonialists.It would be here, at Ypres on April 22, 1915 that the German Army would introduce crude and chaotic torture in the form o ...

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Three defining moments in Canadian history in the 20th century, and prove their significance to the maturation of Canada as a nation (I created this question).

-chosen decisions, and changes that have changed the way Canadians live today. The second battle of Ypres, the life on the home front in World War Two, and the invasion of D-day helped enrich Canada w ... rces fought hard, Hitler was now caught with war on two front, east and west.- The second battle of Ypres (or modern Lepers) was one that completely changed the world's perspective of Canada. Through ...

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Were the British soldiers lions led by donkeys?

ungs, or to even rot alive!The soldiers also suffered great deals in Battles such as the Somme, and Ypres etc. Events where they drowned in mud, were mowed down by German machine guns, and suffered gr ... French was seen as an overall bad leader to the B.E.F. Seen in such examples as the First Battle of Ypres (1914).The British and German troops co-incidentally met at Ypres, both with the intentions of ...

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"Describe the early history of a modern warfare weapon." My essays about the history of the Machine gun, describing when it was invented, by who and how it works.

sides also used smaller machinegun posts. Germans built them in large numbers all along the line at Ypres and Messines. Machinegunners were deeply hated by the infantry and they were more likely to be ...

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Comparing William Haigs Article to Black Adders 'GoodByeee'

orld war 1, this will be Black Adder 'Goodbyeeee' and Haigs article entitled 'Haig Strikes South Of Ypres', a contemporary newspaper report written by Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig and a modern vide ...

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How were British soldiers were affected by the conditions and the nature of warfare on the Western Front (1914-18)?

ter. He may never have experienced the effects of poison gas, as it was first used in the battle of Ypres on 22nd of April. This soldier seems particularly happy about the fact that no one will bother ...

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My Brother Jack - Creative Writing (Letter Home)

on the 3rd of August 1917. I read your letter while being transported towards Passchendaele, near Ypres in Belgium. I am now writing this letter in a makeshift foxhole with a poncho covering me so t ...

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General sir arthur currie

y regarded Currie was commanded of an infantry brigade. Currie fought with exceptional composure at Ypres in 1915 where his 2nd Brigade made a remarkable stand against the poison gas. Having impressed ... e prospect of going to Passchendaele. Currie, like many Canadian soldiers, had grim memories of the Ypres salient, and grim memories to he Ypres salient, and admitted that his "experience in the salie ...

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