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this is a biography on Andrija Mohorovicic

the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague in 1875. After graduating, he first taught in grammar school in Zagreb (1879-1880) and then secondary school in Osijek. On 1 November 1882 he began to teach at the ... hool in Bakar, where he remained for 9 years. In 1891 he was transferred to the secondary school in Zagreb at his own request, and on 1 January 1892 he became the head of the Meteorological Observator ...

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Architecture of Transition and Production of Meaning

er was a builder. They completed primary and secondary school in Rijeka and studied architecture in Zagreb from mid-1980s to beginning of 1990s. Their education at the rchitecture Faculty at Universit ... agreb further attests to the particular context upon which their foundation rests.The University of Zagreb never accepted post-modernism as a dominate direction: quite contrary, it sought 'the complet ...

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A trip to Zagreb

Zagreb is a capital of Croatia, an independent state of ex Yugoslavia, since 1991. Since that time, ... ommunity, rather then staying in the community of a little Balkan ex Yugoslavian countries. Some ex Zagreb or ex Yugoslavian population are rather sarcastic while talking about Zagreb today, referring ... lation as a "poor little Vienna's provincials". However, many ex Yugoslavs know perfectly well that Zagreb population has its own flair ever since early days of ex Yugoslavia, no matter of the recent ...

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Writing Is Traveling: Destination Unknown

explore the pyramids of Egypt, climb Mount Everest, see the sunken continent Atlantis, describe how Zagreb looked in the past, how it looks now and how it will look like in the future. Through writing ...

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Franjo Tudjman

ementary school in his home town, his mother passed away. He attended high school from 1934-1941 in Zagreb, which is now the capital. While attending high school, he supported himself by tutoring othe ...

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The ¨GALT¨ travel agency in Zagreb organizes this particular tour

The ¨GALT¨ travel agency in Zagreb organizes this particular tour and we, as a part of this travel agency, are going to describe ... n supplier at a reasonable price. Our motor coach vehicle will transport our tour participants from Zagreb to Vienna and back, but will also serve as the only means of transportation all throughout th ...

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dila se u Ogulinu 18. travnja 1874. Otac joj je bio Vladimir Mažuranić (Karlovac, 1845. - Zagreb, 1928.), sin Ivana Mažuranića, povjesničar, odvjetnik i književnik, č ... žuranić ostaje godinu dana. Nakon toga vraćaju se u Karlovac, odakle se 1882. sele u Zagreb, gdje je otac dobio namještenje u Odjelu za unutrašnje poslove vlade.U Autobiog ...

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Jesu li ljudska prava univerzalna kao što to naglašava liberalna teorija?

Fakultet političkih znanosti Sveučilišta u ZagrebuKolegij: Uvod u studij međunarodne politikeNositelj kolegija: Prof. dr. sc. Dejan Jovi&# ... kao slobodu čovjeka da razvija svoju autonomnost][6: John Rawls: "Politički liberalizam", Zagreb, KruZak, 2000.]Kako bi pobliže približili liberalni koncept shvaćanja ljudskih ... a ovo "zapadno" još uvijek nam imponira.Literatura:John Rawls: "Politički liberalizam", Zagreb, KruZak, 2000.Vladimir Vujčić: "Svijest o ljudskim pravima", Polit. misao, Vol XXXV ...

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