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Francisco de Goya's The Third of May.

glider master and his mother, Gracia Lucientes, was from a hidalgo family (Weems 1). He grew up in Zaragoza where he attended a religious school, Escuelas Pias, which provided education for the poor ... wrote an autobiography about his four-year training under Luzan:He was a pupil of Don Jose Luzan in Zaragoza, with whom he learned the principals of drawing and who made him copy the finest engraving ...

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El honor en el Buscon (novela picaresca)

evedo intitulada El Buscón. Esta última se publicó por primera vez en 1626, en Zaragoza con el título de Historia de la vida del Buscón, llamado don Pablos, ejemplo ...

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El Cid

end of El Cid begins when Rodrigo stops to fight a battle with a group of Arabs, led by the Emir of Zaragoza, on his way to his wedding. After the battle is over, instead of killing his prisoners, Rod ...

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Effect of False Suggestions on Memory in a Traumatic Event

ferent estimates for speed when viewing videos of automobile accidents (Loftus & Palmer, 1974). Zaragoza & Mitchell (1996) used this platform to observe the possibility of creating false memor ... embered suggested events in the video as well as believed to have consciously seen it in the video (Zaragoza & Mitchell, 1996). The purpose of this study proposal is to look at the two aforementio ...

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