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Crisis Area: Zimbabwe.

Article 1: History of ZimbabweIn 1834, there were conflicts between the Ndebele and the Rozwi and in the end the Ndebele w ... Robert Mugabe. In carefully monitored election of March 1980, Mugabe prevailed by a wide margin and Zimbabwe joined the ranks of Africa's independent nations.Since then Mugabe, a committed Marxist, ha ... arxist, has hung on to power through thick and thin ever since.Impatience have been felt throughout Zimbabwe by it's citizens as Mugabe continues to give permission to individual groups of Africans, t ...

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state and nation building in Arica

rity which leads to a step in conflict transformation were structural violence would be reduced.The Zimbabwean nationalist leaders (President) have proven to be competent state builders but not so com ... , African leaders are tempted to value state-building rather than nation-building. For instance, in Zimbabwe, the unity accord may be argued as an agreement to stop or end violence since it ignored fo ...

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