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Albert Einstein.

l and be considered to have an IQ of over 200. In his time Einstein was also known to be a pacific, Zionist and socialist.Early YearsAlbert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. The yea ...

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The difference between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism and their histories. Includes footnotes.

rightful lost territories of Israel).1 One does not, of course, have to be Jewish in order to be a Zionist. Zionists are split into many factions, but are united by seeking to liberate, reunite and m ... with the Arabs who had occupied the geographical territories of Palestine for many generations. The Zionists (and other Jewish) movements sought to restore these geographical territories to Israel as ...

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The history of zionism.

ol of the Jews last stronghold, and also a symbol of the place where God can dwell among his people.Zionists are people who have fought for the creation of a state for the Jews, and they still work fo ... contribute to the rebuilding of the Jewish state that existed during the days of the Old Testament. Zionists believe that this land is promised to them by God, and that they have, through the covenant ...

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An Introspective View of the Cultural Battle in the Zionist Movement.

Without question, the underlying key element of the Zionistic movement is the survival of Jewish people. This concept raises the controversial issue of ... on.(Beit-Hallahmi, 58) Despite the national bond that the Jewish people have felt for eternity, the Zionistic movement endured a severe cultural debate, which may even exist in today's society.It is c ... Ahad Ha'am and Theodor Herzl shared the common goal of restoring the loss of Jewish identity, their Zionist ideologies and methodologies differed greatly.Herzl felt that the loss of Jewish identity wa ...

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The Palestinians have the right to resist Zionism and the occupation of the rogue State of Israel.

It is an opinionated blurb.The Palestinians, as well as the non-Palestinian Arabs that resisted the Zionist dreams of making a homeland in Palestine were right to resist them. Palestine has been Arab ...

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

l on the Palestinian land in 1948, and even before it has been going on since the beginnings of the Zionist-Jewish immigration to Palestine under the British protection.The Palestinians all this time ... ime after time; they left their lands with a hope that they might come back someday. And the famous Zionist slogan in the beginnings of this century that says "Palestine is a land without people for a ...

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over them, and they had to wear the star in their right arm. One day Mordechai Anielewiez who was a Zionist formed a group called ZOB (Jews Fighting Organization), this ZOB were hiding in the school w ...

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Was it ever possible for the British to establish a fair solution to the Palestinian problem?

"The main asset in all our Zionist venture, England as we know her up to yesterday, has disappeared. Sometimes I feel like Sinb ... ssing pure altruism on behalf of the British nation and showed a genuine care for and belief in the Zionist cause. However, in endorsing the pledge, which was not to be effectuated until Britain was g ... e in Palestine in 1920; Britain was fulfilling more pragmatic needs. The British, in supporting the Zionists, believed they would be able to win the support of the Jewish people especially in America ...

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The Creation of Israel

1948, three years after the end of the Holocaust and World War II. It was created as result of the Zionist movement, which was founded in Switzerland during 1897 by Theodor Herzl. Zionism was created ... lem was located. Many of Israeli's political institutions and beliefs came from the concepts of the Zionist movement.The population of Jews in Palestine greatly increased from the end of the 19th cent ...

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict -- Brief history of the conflict in the Middle East.

In the 1880s, the Zionist movement was initiated in Europe. This movement held that the Jewish people had a right to a ... ated in Europe. This movement held that the Jewish people had a right to a state of their own; most Zionists specifically held that the state should be in a part of their historic homeland, the area t ... In the same period, the British were giving contradictory assurances to the Palestinian Arabs. The Zionists interpreted that as a promise from the British that they would help them build a state in P ...

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Hebron Massacre

It all began on February 25, 1994, when a Jewish American Zionist immigrant named Baruch Goldstein left his home at the settlement, Kiryat Araba, carrying his ... r. Goldstein was born in America and was an American trained physician as well as a Jewish American Zionist that eventually moved to Israel. To be a Zionist means that you believe the Jews are a sole ... Zion, which is a hill in Jerusalem, Israel. Zionism is a political movement with religious center. Zionists ultimately want to inhabit Israel for religious purposes. Jews believe that God gave the la ...

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Arab And Israeli Conflicts

a was brought back by Theodor Herzl who created this belief into a political movement. His goals or Zionist goals were to have a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Also that th ...

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estine to form this state in but also Argentina, North Africa, Uganda, Angola.At the same time that Zionists were formulating this solution to the problem of anti-Semitism, socialists were fighting an ... many Jews left eastern Europe and moved west and many came to America. And when asked by the world Zionist Organization to support the Zionist cause for the formation of a Jewish state, Read from Whe ...

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The People And The Land (Israel and Palestine). by Zaineddin Obeid

Herzl published The State of the Jews, which sparked the stage for political Zionism and the first Zionist congress met at Basel, Switzerland, to discuss the establishment of a Jewish state in Palest ... ncreasing tensions and violent confrontations, and later triggered a clash between Palestinians and Zionists over their respective communal religious rights at the Wailing Wall, known as al-Buraq to M ...

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Zionism Between 1894-1918

hich was confirmed in 1899) and the incident became symbolic of Jewish inequality . Before 1897 the Zionist movement was loose and unorganized. Led by Theodor Herzl, the First Zionist Congress was ope ... tion as well as commentary on the Dreyfus Affiar . With his prominence he helped organize the First Zionist Congress in August 1897. In his opening speech Herzl states the congress' goal: lay the foun ...

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Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East

Empire even passed a law in 1867 that stated this very thing which would inevitably facilitate the Zionist movement. War for the Empire started before the First World War and would not end until the ... ed in 1947. However, during the same time that the Mandate was instated, the British Parliament and Zionist movement leaders met and produced the Balfour Declaration, named after Lord Arthur Balfour, ...

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Shades of Anger

rk University in Canada.When she was in University, doing a creative action she says and I quote "a Zionist came by, and as I was lying on the floor kicked me in the gut really hard and said "you dese ... ou have said? This incident sparked a flame in Miss Ziadah to spread her message of protest against Zionist oppression and injustice towards Arabs and especially Arab women by writing this poem and pe ...

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