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  • Well written

    The introduction is great, but perhaps a bit too much like "spoken language".Overall a captivating essay.
    • 24/06/2003
    • 10:19:22
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  • correct title of painting

    About the comment by beaverboy, that this is not the correct title of the cathedral painting. I think it is, as Monet made 30 paintings of the Rouen Cathedral.(see this link, for a bit more info:
    • 26/11/2001
    • 08:52:29
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  • Poorly researched - ok for inspiration.

    Avoid using terms such as "pop and son" and if you do use this essay, make sure you add some footnotes with references. The author seems to get into something good with the reference to M.J. Lentze, but there are no sources included.
    • 01/11/2001
    • 10:41:18
    • Score: 3 out of 3 people found this comment useful.
  • This essay does end prematurely

    The ending of this essay is missing. If anyone has any suggestions for what it should be, please post it.
    • 30/10/2001
    • 08:46:02
    • Score: 8 out of 12 people found this comment useful.