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  • Perfect

    Yep, excatly like the book. He describes it well. Impressed as for me I can't see and spell mistakes.
    • 10/05/2004
    • 19:09:14
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  • *glares*

    All I can say is this:You did your research... So thats good.P.S I didn't see any spelling mistakes...*Thumbs up*
    • 22/02/2004
    • 09:36:55
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  • Well...

    Good: Did research, took time, no spelling mistakes, looks like you know what you are doing.Bad: Makes me fall asleepFinal Score: A
    • 02/02/2004
    • 19:52:09
    • Score: 2 out of 3 people found this comment useful.
  • WOA!

    Did research, contributed a lot of time into this. I'm not checking for spelling mistakes because then it would take a life time. So what else to say, I'm more than postive that the top dogs will allow this essay. Final Score: A+ Good job
    • 02/02/2004
    • 19:38:06
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  • Wow

    Wow, thats all I got to say. You did research, took time into this but it looks like you only copy and paste it. because where ever theres a "?" there should be a "'". So I bet it will be denied because of it. But in my opinion if it got fixed it would be A through A+.
    • 02/02/2004
    • 19:25:15
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  • Sadish

    Pros1. Great research.2. Looks like you know your stuff.3. I see no mistakes in the essay completely.Cons1. Too short I remember somewhere reading essays between 500-1000 words (can't remember.) aren't taken.2. You don't indent...3. Hard to keep up/stay awake/confusing.My final score: C+ (:(-)
    • 02/02/2004
    • 19:11:04
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  • Nice

    Pretty good in essay wise. Theres a lot of run on sentences, but I don't think it matters. I admit that I saw only the movie but what I know everything you got is right, and such. I remember reading somewhere that essays that are under somewhere between 500-1000 (can't remember)aren't allowed so besides that I think this is pretty nice. In my conclusion:Make this bigger and decrease the number of run of sentences. Final Score: Bish
    • 02/02/2004
    • 19:03:55
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  • Tisk tisk

    Okay, good and all but...I don't think the ADMINs here really like stories about yourself, since this is a cheating place, how can you cheat when you didn't do any of this. For the past 4 years no teacher ever said, "Write a Essay about your vacation." But like I said its good but not for a place like this.(please correct me if I'm wrong.)
    • 04/11/2003
    • 17:46:33
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  • My thoughts...

    Well, you gave info, background, but really no expression, emotion, ect. Plus knowing the ADMINs here they won't accept something around less than 800 except if it is really, really, really good. So Overall:6.5/10
    • 04/11/2003
    • 13:13:30
    • Score: 1 out of 1 people found this comment useful.
  • Satelite Echelon

    I agree with ccmustangs2001 but I WOULD NOT hand this in to a teacher. Cause:1. No real "hook"2. Looks a little like a book.3. No emotion in this essay.4. I think I would have fell asleep unless I had my cup of coffee.
    • 03/11/2003
    • 16:33:24
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  • Good but...

    1. This looks a lot like something I read from something like a book, paragraph,ect.2. "They" won't accept essays with less than like 800 words usally.3. I think that paragraph needs to be seprated a little, looks like one big run-on paragraph.
    • 03/11/2003
    • 16:19:42
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  • Okay...

    Okay, good info, good time, nice effort. But this is not great, fantastic or superb. "If you put more work in one thing, then you be rewarder more when it comes out." ~ My language Arts teacher. (Dear lord I sound like a teacher!)
    • 02/11/2003
    • 19:22:24
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  • Wow... (again)

    Pretty much I would say everything that "pixel_for_life" would say. But I want to add some stuff, looks like a nice collage essay, put effort, time and info in it. But it seems like you have no opinion, no emotion in this essay. Which with some people would be racism, or/and you don't care or/and you took this from a website. (:p)
    • 02/11/2003
    • 19:17:30
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  • Head hurts...

    My comments:1. You took a lot of time in typing this, I like that.2. You did a ton of studying, I like that.3. When in your life will you need this info except like a health class?4. So many words, head hurts...
    • 02/11/2003
    • 19:07:54
    • Score: 6 out of 7 people found this comment useful.