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  • Awesome work, keep up the deep intensity

    You have a real talent, If you have a lot of poetry/songs, please try to get them published/ copy-righted. you have a knack for a real creative touch, Keep up the great work.:D
    • 12/07/2004
    • 08:28:23
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  • Nice rap opera, korektphool aka, Raghav Kaushik

    FYI; just hope you know by using this site you lose all rights to the song lyrics to your rap song. Please read all info on this site.i.e;This essay is copyright © Loadstone, 1995-2003.
    • 12/07/2004
    • 08:22:46
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  • Hey, Raghav Kaushik [KorektPhool]; I hope you know that you lost all rights to your song by placing it on this site.His comments below from soundclick..

    Hi MacMusicians,My song "I Dunno Y"is currently 14th on the Funky RNB charts. I was wondering if it is possible for a non-VIP user to get higher than this ranking on Soundclick.This may sound like another way of promotion to y'all (it is somewhat) but I am interested to see if it is worthwhile to go in for VIP membership.So, can you MacMusicians play or download my song "I Dunno Y" found on so I can get understand Soundclick? I will get back to this site in about a week so I can inform y'all about my song's placings in the charts.Thanks in advance,Raghav Kaushik [KorektPhool]
    • 12/07/2004
    • 08:09:54
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  • ??? Whats up

    Aren't items like this (song lyrics),copyrighted?
    • 12/07/2004
    • 08:04:07
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  • NICE, very informative

    I personally found this a very nice read Also did not realize that the crash of 1929 not only effected US, but the world as a whole. keep up the great work. :)
    • 27/03/2004
    • 17:18:18
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  • This is one ofthe five roughdrafts, done.

    I have in Word Perfect & Word @ least five drafts, plus the oringal hand written notes for this paper. It was to be just a simple assignment to be done in class when we had down time. Then we found out that later this was to be part of our final. I just applied thoughts from childhood & through out to show how TV has shaped our society as ba whole, using some of the things we remember that my sometimes spark a fond memory of the days, when all we had was time to smile, and just be a kid.
    • 07/03/2004
    • 06:15:09
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  • Reptromiki, kiss my ass

    I started this paper in english class, for a project This is just what I penned on a sheet of paper( I can scan to file & post with Dr. Daniels remarks), let me know butt munch. Have a good night. :)
    • 06/03/2004
    • 23:10:34
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    I like the way you flow with the paper very good work, in the future if you cite info with stats, need to let the professor/teacher know where you got the source info from,i.e.The right to doctor-assisted suicide, or active euthanasia, consists of, " . . . a patient's right to authorize a physician to perform an act that intentionally results in the patient's death, without the physician's being held civilly or criminally liable for having caused the death" (Batlle, 2003) .ReferenceBatlle, J.(2003). Legal status of physician-assisted suicide. The journal of American Medicine 289.17. Retrieved from ProQuest direct, Oklahoma State University Library, on February 21, 2004 .Awesome work keep it up. :)
    • 28/02/2004
    • 14:42:56
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  • DNA for thought, nice work

    Having a medical background, this is very nice, my be a little overwhelming for the layman person. Very nice work.Would be nice to have the Resource page with this essay, too; please.
    • 24/01/2004
    • 15:10:48
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  • Informative>but, need to induldge on one side of the fence

    To what extent are judges politically neutral?Why do we have so many lawyers when the law should be clearerstimulate the reader with...a need to take more aggression towards one side of the fence
    • 29/11/2003
    • 09:21:19
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    Jeffrey Dalmer would be proud, this makes me want to inter Hannabal Lecter hear to see the wheels that make him think...
    • 29/11/2003
    • 09:06:22
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  • Very good

    nice interjection,keep up the great work.
    • 29/11/2003
    • 09:01:37
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  • Nice Info on Cervical CA

    I would like to know where the info was obtained. Thank-you, keep up the great work.:)
    • 22/11/2003
    • 10:36:59
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  • VERY GOOD, NICE REFsources

    Coming from a family of ETOH abuse, I really was scared that I my be prone to this Dz process, The stats in this essay are very well placed to back the statements held within. I hope this opens eyes to the P/F ETOH abuse.PSA, Remember Don't drink & Drive! Be safe.
    • 21/11/2003
    • 00:18:32
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  • NICE Info for the lay person

    Being part of the health care profession, its nice to see something informative that just may help or at least bring awareness to this Dz process.
    • 21/11/2003
    • 00:04:48
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  • Very Informative

    Interesting, very nice, the only thing is all the stats/hard data needs to be cited, or list sources obtained or links to check the facts.Nice Bio,
    • 17/11/2003
    • 13:27:56
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