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  • A Very informative essay..

    Since Breat cancer is greatly common Now-And-Days.. this is a well informative essay..Ususally women Now-&-days Bore-out all the Muscle tissue in the breat and put Inplants in the breast to Make Certain that she wont get Breast Cancer..This esay can inform Women on other options and warning signs.. 2 thumbs Up!!!
    • 10/07/2004
    • 14:22:45
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  • I seen the movie..

    it is a great movie..i never thought it would end like thiss..or it would be anything like it wrote the jist of the story really well..I like how you bgan your essay.. it followed up to what your were going to say perfect..overall = great story..
    • 31/03/2004
    • 12:22:38
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  • Detailed & disciptive..

    This very discriptive & well written..The time-line of which you wrote it was's as if the reader is along with her on the journey of her life..this story brought Amelia in good light..& mentioned things many people did not know of her..-Great essay
    • 31/03/2004
    • 12:06:39
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  • Ha Ha..

    This is a Raw ASS STORY.. imma go to school there...Fo0o0o you crazy.. thats the best place in the world unless of cause the females are busted.. but not all of them could be busted.. what was the name of the school...?What are the name of some of the Colleges of University's there..Overall - Fair Essay (needs to be longer)
    • 29/11/2003
    • 13:12:13
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  • I know about this..

    I read about the whole French Doctor Raelien a few years ago.. and the Elohim.. I found it quite interesting.. but i didnt know about Clonaid.And the Cloning research company that was relocated and hidden.. This was quite interesting.. Though i believe you could have added alotttt more. like the philosohies of Raelien and what "happened to him". By the way.. i seen his daughter on CNN. but for a 9th grader its a good essayOverall - Fair Essay(to me.. but for a 9th greader its great.)
    • 27/11/2003
    • 14:57:29
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  • I love this Essay..

    You stayed Focused in your writing from beginng to end..Ha Ha..!!!!! the little story at the end is hilarious.. very creative.. Good way to end it.. the Outro is real good.. It amkes the Essay stand out alott, cuz it makes it unique (cuz of the Story before the outro)I am currently taking psycholgy in college.. there are a few things you could have added , like Engineering & Industrial Psychologists ( i think you mentioned Industrial Psychology)Though.. none the less.. This is a real great Essay... It Flowed Extreamly Well..Overall - Amazing Essay
    • 27/11/2003
    • 14:27:52
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  • Great Essay... but..

    This is a great Essay But I think you should have collected your thoughts before writing this.Cuz the order of which you wrote this in, was off. You went from telling the reader: you thoughts of the book, The Setting/Background, The jist of the book, Your thoughts of the book again, The Main characters personality, & trail & tribulations in the story, The story's conflict, your views of the story's theme, to the conclusion.It was different reading an essay in this format in which you wrote it in.Also Your train of thought changed alot while you were writing it in the beginning, you jumped from idea to idea.Though When finished, This Book is really amazing. Im going to Read this book first- hand, & Tell other people to read it as well. The infomation you do give is great, your Views on the main theme is outstanding.And your Analysis on when this story took place is a real good observation. I can tell that this book made an impacked on you.Damn.. im speechless on the authors abilty here.Overall - Great essay
    • 26/11/2003
    • 22:16:56
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  • Nice Essay cuz it is Relative to all..

    To tell you the truth, i thought this essay was about D*cks. But it isnt.. it has a better topic.I peronally liked this essay because it is realtive to everyone in North America. I even see little petite females in Large SUV's now. I really enjoyed the statement she pointed out about, "Doctors will probably tell their obese patients to eat healthy and lose weight, then proceed to the nearest fast food joint on the way home from work as a "reward" for a hard day's work. Our health practitioners promote healthy diets by recommending a diet without large portion of junk food with increased exercise, and yet the urge for "biggie sizing" a meal is almost irresistible." <-- cuz since the person is working extra hard, he/she will most likely think that he/she deserves an EXTRA meal. Very good point indeed.The work written throughout the essay is great.Overall - Great Essay
    • 26/11/2003
    • 18:15:09
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  • Amazing Essay..

    Since North America is, & has been in Dispute with Iraq for Quite sometime now. this is a great timeline of Iraq, & What North America has been fighting against.The only thing this essay dosent speak enough on is Iraq's history before Sadaam.. Besides this its great. It speaks-on iraqs Economy, Iraqs Geography, Climate, Inport & Exports of meterial/goods, Its disputs with other county's & forces. Culture, Religion, Military & things i cant even remember.. you touch each subject well..Overall - Great Essay 100%
    • 26/11/2003
    • 15:49:39
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  • Very Good Essay

    Every Second reading this essay was interesting.. Cloning is a very controversial subject, & it brings alot to light.Though you didnt state how Human Clones are created.. is it the same way Dolly (roslin 1) was created, or not?The Cited work is great cuz the reader can look up any Un-Anwswered Question.The Conclusion is great.. Especially the Mentioning of Christopher reeves.. (which past references in the essay explain Spinal Cord Repair[procedure in cloning])Overall - Great Essay
    • 26/11/2003
    • 15:17:05
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  • Presed "Submit" on Accident..

    But.. the Infomation provided is Interesting..,Interesting enough for an University student recieving his/hers Masters brain stimulate throughout course of the "Essay". Its a Good Essay for an 11th Grader in High School.
    • 26/11/2003
    • 01:19:35
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  • Random indeed..

    This contained Random Infomation indeed.. It had no direct Time-line.. Nor Existed a constant direction in which the Essay was going .. just scattered infomation... As if you Copied & Pasted info from off different Sites..
    • 26/11/2003
    • 01:12:48
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  • Are you Alien....? we might just be...

    The Info on the crop Circles is good.tho i didnt like it as much as the pyramids.I really like the infomation you brought forth about the pyramids..I really liked you research. it was well put together in this Essay.It had me thinking.. & i know that Aliens Exist...If you want to know what they look like and why we dont Expose the world of them, along with other things, Read the book "Behold a pale horse"..!!!!Check it out at the Libary AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!
    • 26/11/2003
    • 00:39:05
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