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  • Oh yeah not bad

    ok i guess but it dosnt exactly make me want to read the thing though
    • 25/02/2004
    • 19:46:33
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  • Great courage

    i reckon often ppl get caught up in their own little problems and dont realise how other ppl have to deal with there lives. well done and respect to u buddy for all the courage u show to get through life. i know it musn't be easyget better soon
    • 03/12/2003
    • 09:15:23
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  • Yeah ok

    yeah it wasnt bad and i rekcon its admirable for a 7th grader to take interest in somethingl ike this causei certainly wouldnt. goodluck to u
    • 03/12/2003
    • 09:05:42
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