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  • Couldn't have said it better.

    I thought you did a wonderful job in describing the day of competition. From the way one looks to how we feel and preform. You have be able to achieve the ability to put into words how most all cheerleaders see things on competition day. Great job!
    • 14/04/2004
    • 23:41:23
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  • Wonderful Work

    Your paper showed a lot of good research. You also did an excellent job with presenting the details using a clear manorism. Great Job keep up the good work.
    • 11/04/2004
    • 15:28:51
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  • Essay on stress, its kinds, causes, effects, and ways to fight it.

    This essay was put together very well and was well researched. Some of the sentences were a bit confusing though.
    • 05/04/2004
    • 20:34:06
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