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  • Negative feed back

    To whom ever sent me negative feedback.Did none of you find this humorous? What was the point in giving me negative points for saying that it was funny? I think the author of this paper has a right to a pat on the back. Read it. It IS funny. Thank you for making me feel welcome to express my opinion in this forum. hmmfff.
    • 05/01/2004
    • 15:51:52
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  • How to become a Psychologist and what it will be like.

    Very Funny.
    • 27/11/2003
    • 11:11:47
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  • The Role of Black Women in Southern America

    I thought the essay was good. It started out showing how Janie was treated unfairly, using examples from different relationships and took us through her jounrey to finding someone who did treat her fairly. This was a good summary of In Their Eyes were Watching God.
    • 26/11/2003
    • 14:47:07
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  • How to write a compare and contrast essay

    Well written. Good Job
    • 26/11/2003
    • 14:27:49
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