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    Hi,I feel that you should provide more suggestions on constructing a pitch. Things such as how to grab the attention from the management, how to keep yourself unique from everyone else.I think it will be nice if you talk about what are the ways that continues to set you apart from your competition. How can you speak about your record of quality goods and services and make it relevant to your future plans.By completing above, a sales pitch will be more attractive.
    • 24/09/2008
    • 15:06:09
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  • Thought it would be a research paper.

    dont have much outside information in here but its a very nice personal experience with the veteran.
    • 05/12/2003
    • 14:43:52
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  • Some little advice

    some of the ideas arent too clear and the grammar errors gotta be corrected!
    • 04/12/2003
    • 03:49:06
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