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  • LoL!

    I used to play EQ also. It was fun for a while but I personally think it got tedious beyond all reason. I mean...waiting 30 hours of camping mobs to gain one level? I think life is too short for that stuff. Good analysis of the game, though.
    • 31/01/2004
    • 04:56:06
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  • Good job,

    Interesting story that is grammatically correct. Try to visualize before writing, this may help you iron out some of your writing.
    • 27/01/2004
    • 21:01:26
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  • Gay Marriage

    Although I disagree with gay marriage, I think your essay was well laid out. It seemed like your analysis was a little bit slanted in favor of gay marriage. The essay was easy to read and understand.
    • 09/12/2003
    • 02:14:47
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  • Nice job!

    Very informative and fun essay to read. Well referenced with a good structure, including fluid paragraphs and smooth transitions.
    • 05/12/2003
    • 00:26:51
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  • Lots of information, but...

    There was a lot of information, but the information doesn't follow the thesis, and the paragraphs dont lead into each other. It seems more like a conglomeration of facts than it does an essay.
    • 04/12/2003
    • 18:05:46
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  • Good info, though presentation was very numerical

    Although there was a lot of good info in this essay, I noticed that a lot of the information given was in numerical format. While this does convey information, it usually makes the essay very boring.
    • 03/12/2003
    • 18:24:41
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  • Interesting Essay

    This essay was interesting that answers a lot of common questions. I did notice a few grammatical errors, though. Overall a good essay and a fun read.
    • 03/12/2003
    • 01:51:26
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  • Informative

    This essay was very informative without a lot of digressing and dilly doddling.
    • 02/12/2003
    • 16:44:16
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