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  • Not bad

    This is a pretty good essay, that get its point across clearly. The only problem with it is that there is nto enough evidence proving its theme.
    • 25/05/2004
    • 12:31:24
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  • Great Essay

    This was a GREAT ESSAY. I totally agree with the strong evidence and points you gave. This essay defanatly made me believe the author's point of view.
    • 17/02/2004
    • 17:02:50
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  • A little short

    This was an intresting topic that is not too common. One thing to watch out for is making a radical statement like, that if fashion never changed, we would still be in war.
    • 17/02/2004
    • 16:48:06
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  • Robber Baron vs captain of industry

    This was a good essay and was very good in detail. One thing to mention for robber baron would be the rebates that Rockefeller got from the railroads.
    • 17/02/2004
    • 16:36:01
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