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  • Excellent

    This a fascinating and very readable essay. Not only is it well written, structured and researched, it also answers the question comprehensively.This is easily the best essay I have read on Cheathouse to date. It was also the most objective. It dealt with all the religions equally and without any bias or emotional imput, a fairly rare thing on this web site.Well done, I'm off to see if you've written anything else on Cheathouse.
    • 18/04/2002
    • 04:29:09
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  • Awful

    This essay was so poorly written, with so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that it was almost impossible to read. I realise it was only a year 10 high school essay but surely high school standards are not that bad. It was also badly constructed and poorly argued.
    • 16/04/2002
    • 22:41:44
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  • Very good

    I agree with the authors estimation of their own essay, it is a good essay which answers the question well. It is obviously a high school essay but that has more to do with the complexity of the question than the way it was answered. There were a lot less spelling mistakes than in a lot of the essays I've read on Cheathouse.
    • 16/04/2002
    • 22:35:51
    • Score: 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Incorrect title

    This essay does not say much in terms of 'the properties of power'. Focuses mainly on ways of dealing with terrorism, particularly recent issues. The claim that the catholic church is the way to go comes out of nowhere and lacks supporting evidence.Whilst overall this essay lacks content and support for the arguement the author attempts to make, there are some good things to be taken from it.
    • 15/04/2002
    • 02:42:05
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  • Well written.

    This paper is well written and a pleasure to read. A great biographical essay covering the important facts without going into excessive detail.
    • 07/04/2002
    • 03:34:30
    • Score: 10 out of 11 people found this comment useful.
  • Not much.

    Very few good points in this waffling essay. The author has obviously had little experience in formulating arguments. The essay lacks structure and fails to make a strong case. Appears to be full of opinions of a concrete thinker.
    • 07/04/2002
    • 03:12:51
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  • Short and Sweet

    A lot of information in a short essay, very well done. References would be really handy.
    • 07/04/2002
    • 01:57:07
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  • Point well made

    This essay briefly covers issues relating to the social construction of gender very well. There are a few mistakes in the essay, but they do not weaken the arguement.
    • 07/04/2002
    • 01:40:47
    • Score: 10 out of 10 people found this comment useful.
  • A very well written essay

    This was a very well written essay on an interesting topic. Although I don't know if I totally agree with the ideas presented. I think maybe children these days read more critically than we give them credit for. I think young girls, if given other positive role models in their lives can be resisting readers of fairy tales and not necessarily take on board the stereotypes within them.The author began to look at the issue of recent feminist thought relating to fairy tales but only in the conclusion. This is my only criticism of the essay. The author should have either raised and expanded on this point earlier or not at all. I would have been interested to hear more of the authors thoughts on this issue.
    • 06/04/2002
    • 22:49:55
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  • Interesting but not very well written

    This essay starts off reasonably well, giving the reader a brief history of the technology humans have developed for the purpose of communicating. When the essay gets to the section about the internet, which is supposed to be the subject of the essay, it falls off the rails. Some of the paragraphs are so poorly written, they are almost incomprehensible, together the paragraphs dealing with the internet form a series of disparate points which bear little relation to each other or the material which has gone before. The conclusion, which should tie the essay together, has nothing to do with anything else in the essay and sounds like a plug to buy the book the author quoted throughout the essay.
    • 05/04/2002
    • 00:47:40
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  • OK

    A reasonably well written essay. I do not know if I totally agree about sports women trying too hard to look feminine (thin & sexy). I think most pro athletes would focus on body function rather than appearance, though it is usually the good looking who get sponsorship.
    • 31/03/2002
    • 06:44:50
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