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  • Great

    This was a very interesting peace of work. I must say your description of the Water gate Scandals was good and i agree with Flyer3232 you gave most of the book in this short essay which would help people if they needed to do a research project on.Keep up the good Work
    • 24/12/2003
    • 10:14:36
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  • I disagree with Eggy

    I disagree with eggy cause i basically did copy from expertmaster and i don't care he gave me permission so nobody should really have a problem with it
    • 23/12/2003
    • 01:01:30
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  • Not to bad

    Not to bad your pretty good at this i would rate you a green simley everyday if i could with your writingyou will make it to the tp in no time
    • 21/12/2003
    • 21:17:51
    • Score: 8 out of 11 people found this comment useful.
  • Whats up

    Hey people if you can send me a email saying what i did wrong in this essay the other two parts brings it together and they are being rated well please email and tell me what i did wrong or talk to me on aim at TeamZeroScreen i would like to know thanks
    • 21/12/2003
    • 21:06:39
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  • Shezz

    Hey that was quite some essay it gave everything about Benjamin Franklin plus extra i have look in lots of books and haven't found even half that nor on the web expect for cheathouse. I am giving you a green simley cause this is quite some information here. Keep up all the good work.
    • 14/12/2003
    • 07:34:17
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  • Goood job matey

    I am impressed i didn\'t know half the mess that was up there but it all made sense and you had a few grammer mistakes so just proof-read it next time. i\'ll give ya a greeny man
    • 14/12/2003
    • 05:29:57
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  • Thanks

    This is reall good essay for my research project i apprectiae it. and i bet so do some other people who are having to do this
    • 14/12/2003
    • 05:25:04
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  • Good job on the death pently

    Hey excellent job you knew more about it then i do and i am in law school that makes me feel uneased or just stupid but i'll give ya a green simley
    • 14/12/2003
    • 05:23:12
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  • Good

    I wood have to disagree with Jamiec520 it has a good opening but bad conclusion. I would grade this with a Green Smiliey Being he or she is only in 7th grade. compared to other people in high school this is really good.
    • 07/12/2003
    • 17:18:10
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