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  • Impressive work

    your paper is very well written. its a controversial issue that is difficult to write about. it can be difficult to define what is or isn't harassment and bringing in the Catholic point of view made the paper very interesting. good use of citations.
    • 04/01/2004
    • 19:56:19
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  • Nice essay

    good essay, it offered me a lot of useful info for comparing 2 religions for a class. your wording gets repetitive sometimes though
    • 04/01/2004
    • 19:50:35
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  • Bob Marley

    This was a very good paper. You don't really tell the reader where it will be going because the intro is a little weak but the body paragraphs are very informative. I've always been a Bob Marley fan, and because of him, I've always been interested in the Rastafarian religion but know almost nothing about it. I take a comparative religions class but we haven't even mentioned Rastafarianism. This essay offered me some insights into the religion, giving me new knowledge of it. It also related Bob Marley to the religion, which was an aspect I appreciated.
    • 04/01/2004
    • 19:40:10
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