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  • Excellent

    The writer is excellent in writing what he wants to convey. Infact he has written in such a way that one gets a desire to be a computer-man. An excellent effort made by the writer.
    • 20/02/2004
    • 05:21:40
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  • A right Direction

    The writer has written a wright direction for doing a research. Its an outstanding effort and seems to be very effective in accordance with the requirements having good guidelines starting from method, respondents, sampling technique, instrument to be used, validation of the instrument, administration of the instrument and the statistical treatment of the data.
    • 20/02/2004
    • 05:19:07
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  • Excellent

    This is an excellent communication of medical science. What carbohydrates are and how andy why they are important alongwith their usage in a comfortable and easy way tells us the grip of knowlege of the writer. This a very good effort.
    • 20/02/2004
    • 05:04:03
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  • Obviously.......

    Its obvious that the every company has its own logo and every company wants people to recognize it from that. The most important thing lies in the understanding of customers who think that if we use 'some' company's products then we will be recognized by that logo or in other words we can say that some companies are successful in creating a status symbol by the use of their products. This has created a competitive advantage for those companies.The writer in this essay has started with some confusing language that was at first un-understandable (for me atleat), but in the last paragraph he has given the idea of his saying. So it is a relatively good effort.
    • 20/02/2004
    • 04:52:21
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  • A Good Thought

    Its a nice essay that emphasezes the need of good communication. One thing the writer intends to say but has not clearly defined is the good intentions which must be behind is that of the "good intentions" which are the real essence of communication. And an important point that i want to point out is that the process of communication is complete when a person is a good listner alongwith a good speaker. When these things are combined in a positive way then there is no way that people enjoy good friendship with everyone including his/her life partner and others too.
    • 07/02/2004
    • 11:29:16
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