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  • Global Warming

    This essay has misspellings and ungrammatical language. It does, however, take an unconventional view and give it some support. There is a new study indicating that the reforestation guidelines of the Kyoto treaty may do more short term harm than good and this could be further support for the thesis in this essay. More research and better writing could turn this effort into a very good essay.
    • 05/11/2002
    • 14:57:27
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  • 30's and 40's

    Can you really describe two dynamic decades in 315 words? I liked what I read, but there was just an introduction to the topic--no real substance. Someone not already familiar with the personalities and history of the period would have not understood anything about this essay.
    • 23/08/2002
    • 19:12:15
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  • Tiinker

    Utilize this essay at your peril. Unfortunately the author has no understanding of the law and is just factually inaccurate some of the time. If you do not have a good background in the law, you will not see the errors. Also, the English grammar is poor.
    • 12/08/2002
    • 11:10:07
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  • School Funding

    This is a decent essay, but two points need to be made. First, you "disburse" funds, not "disperse" them. Second, the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of school vouchers in a case decided this past term.
    • 09/08/2002
    • 12:27:24
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  • Family Violence

    This essay is half good. It absolutely nails the emotions involved--it does not give us any insight at all into the causes of the problem. Please supplement this essay with information about the causes of the violence and how different problems are solved by the services available and you have created a dynamite essay.
    • 08/07/2002
    • 13:06:26
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  • Drinking Age

    Opinions are fine, but you do not change a person's opposite opinion just by sharing yours with them. You need cogent argument based on fact. That is what is missing in this essay. What are the statitics about under age drinking? What are the results that were noted in the past when the drinking age in some states was 18? If those results were not good, how can that result be avoided? If those results were good, how can they be duplicated? This essay could have been much better.
    • 06/07/2002
    • 13:22:09
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  • Shamanism

    this essay is almost good. If you were to change the bizarre English usages and focus the essay, it could be quite good. For instance, in the beginning we are told that shamanism encompasses physics, and then the statement is never explained.
    • 01/07/2002
    • 19:55:55
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  • DNA

    This is a very good essay. A small suggestion for improvement--do not assume your reader is familiar with the particular cases you mention as examples. Give enough background so that the reader has a factual basis to agree with you, not just take your word that the examples support your thesis.
    • 01/07/2002
    • 17:02:22
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  • Children

    There is a nugget of a good essay here, but it is not at all developed. There are many good sources of information on the effects on children of abuse and neglect. There are a variety of sources for how parents can be trained to become better at parenting. And there are all sorts of studies about how prevalent the problem of poor parenting is.
    • 29/06/2002
    • 17:39:42
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  • Child Labor

    This could be a very good essay. First, the English grammar must be fixed. There are missing words and misused words. Second, the essay is too broad to be of much use. Specific examples of cultural or political issues should be included to illustrate the points made by the author. If one used this essay as a starting point, the end product could be quite good.
    • 25/06/2002
    • 15:33:01
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  • Police Brutality

    Police misconduct, including brutatilty, is a problem that is often overlooked, but comes into focus once news media get sensational video, such as in Rodney King. The causes of this problem are complex; the solutions are often unclear. It is too bad that this essay did no more than refer to four sensational cases. Looking at the causes of the problem would have been instructive. Giving examples of potential solutions would have been as well. Even just giving statistics about police misconduct generally would have put the problem into more perspective. This is not an essay helpful to an undestanding of the problem.
    • 24/06/2002
    • 13:40:38
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  • Kalapalo Indians

    This is generally a good essay, but with occasional English lapses so grave that I could not make out the meaning of the sentence.
    • 18/06/2002
    • 14:35:16
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  • Civil War Inevitability?

    This essay is somewhat informative if you can wade through the abysmal English grammar and spelling. Cleaning up the essay and adding references to authorities could result in a pretty good product.
    • 18/06/2002
    • 13:21:42
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  • Free Speech

    This essay is not good--it assumes you know the background of the controversy discussed and where free speech is the question, does not even talk about the First Amendment and how it fits into the equation. It is not likely accurate that haetul speech confronting others can be legally controlled while hateful speech not confronting others (whatever that means) cannot be legally controlled. If the author believes that to be the case, the author should explain that rather (in my opinion) odd position.
    • 17/06/2002
    • 16:17:16
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  • Mt. St. Helens

    This essay seems to have been dashed of in moments. It is too brief and assumes the reader has context instead of giving the reader all the information necessary. Is it really true that throughout the whole of the Northwest only a few people were out the day of the eruption? Not a good essay.
    • 14/06/2002
    • 14:49:17
    • Score: 3 out of 4 people found this comment useful.
  • Erie Canal

    This is an interesting, well-researched essay that is terribly poorly written. If you rewrite it to use propoer English, you will have a very good essay.
    • 05/06/2002
    • 14:53:29
    • Score: 3 out of 3 people found this comment useful.
  • Search and Seizure

    Search and seizure issues are technical and complicated. The author of this essay does not understand either the law or the procedure and, therefore, writes misleadingly. First, the decision reviewed is apparently that of the Supreme Court since it is the Court of Appeals that is reversed. But the author does not tell us how and what the Court of Appeals decided. That is where the appeal from the District Court must have gone. Second, the author misstates the law of third-party consent searches under the federal law, although this is relatively unimportant since this is not a thrid party consent case. (One wonders why it was mentioned at all.) Third, the author does not discuss the law of scope of consent--THIS CASE WAS PRIMARILY DECIDED ON THE FACT THAT THE OFFICERS WENT BEYOND THE SCOPE OF THE CONSENT GIVEN. This is an unimpressive essay--the persons who rated it above average do not know the law.
    • 30/05/2002
    • 14:06:17
    • Score: 8 out of 10 people found this comment useful.
  • Pellagra

    It is too bad that an obviously well researched essay on this disease can at the end leave a non-medical person, such as myself, asking, "now just what is pellagra anyway?" Although the author gives an extensive array of facts, they are not tied together in any organization that enlightens. Disappointing.
    • 30/05/2002
    • 11:31:06
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  • Frustration

    I wish I knew more about Yoruba mythology. That is probably not the feeling that the author wished I had after reading this essay, but that is how I feel. Many resources are cited, many facts are given, but the reader has no more feel for Yoruba mythology after reading this essay than the reader has for Martian mythology. This is a disappointing essay.
    • 29/05/2002
    • 14:38:32
    • Score: 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Transsexual Essay

    This is an interesting and informative essay. I would propose two changes to make it even better. First, a list of sources would help. Obviously, this essay was rather extensively researched and the sources would be helpful to the next person interested in the subject. Second, the writing was a bit sloppy--better organization would help; perhaps, discussing each gender transformation separately, for instance.
    • 28/05/2002
    • 19:33:22
    • Score: 4 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Free Speech and an Independent Press

    There is much good to say about free speech and an independent press, but this essay does not say it. It is uninformed, undocumented or researched and contains a racist comment about Japanese culture. I found little of worth here.
    • 24/05/2002
    • 14:00:32
    • Score: 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Student Rights

    This is a passionate essay that gives good advice (don't put anything in your locker you don't want seen; don't try to physically stop a locker search), but is overbroad in stating what student rights are. This issue is ever changing given new court decisions and changing attitudes about viokence in schools and threats of terrorism. One could use this as a basis of research and update it and come out with a very good essay.
    • 24/05/2002
    • 12:54:06
    • Score: 9 out of 11 people found this comment useful.
  • Dealing with Police

    This is a generally accurate essay, but it does contain an oversimplification that can have adverse effests on the unwary. Police CAN arrest and CAN enter and search a home under some circumstances WITHOUT a warrant. Multi volume treatises have been written on these rules, so I will not try to set them all out here, but if police do arrest without a warrant or seaqrch without a warrant, allow them to do so. Do not get into a confrontation. Just observe, remember and tell your lawyer.
    • 24/05/2002
    • 12:30:47
    • Score: 6 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Pakistan

    This essay is very dated. It is well written and seems current as of the date written, but many important events have occurred in Pakistan both before and after 9/11/01 that make any reliance on this essay unwise.
    • 20/05/2002
    • 22:46:03
    • Score: 7 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • War Poet

    This is an example of how an essay should be--well written, documented and interesting. This is the best essay I have read at this site.
    • 16/05/2002
    • 15:59:49
    • Score: 3 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Domestic Violence

    This essay by a survivor of domestic violence is filled with emotion, but not with fact. The opinions of the author are validly the author's own, but they do not necessarily make the opinions objectively correct. There is a complete lack of research or documentation to support the opinions. And the grammar is quite poor.
    • 16/05/2002
    • 11:29:07
    • Score: 4 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • NHS

    Informative essay and seems to be well researched. It would be interesting to have some specific measure of the acceptance of NHS such as an opinion poll at the end of the essay rather than just the statement that the NHS remains popular. Specificty is always better.
    • 15/05/2002
    • 11:15:34
    • Score: 9 out of 9 people found this comment useful.
  • Stereotypical thinking

    Stereotyping is a problem that warrants clear thinking and documentation. Unfortunately, this essay provides sparks of insight hidden in muddled thought with no documentation and some obvious inaccuracies. If one expanded on the sparks of insight (the realization that the author used stereotypical thinking about people from Hong Kong, for example), and added some findings from research on why and how we think stereotypically, the result could be a first class essay.
    • 14/05/2002
    • 14:45:57
    • Score: 5 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Schizophrenia

    Good use of source material in this essay, but the essay is not well writen. If one can take this information and write it more interestingly, it would make a heck of an essay.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 16:07:17
    • Score: 9 out of 11 people found this comment useful.
  • Race and the Criminal Justice System

    This is an excellent essay. The only constructive criticism I have is that there was no attempt to put the "jury nullification" issue into broader perspective in the nation. There are other advocates of jury nullification and some networking around that. One can view the Butler position as a narrow part of the greater issue.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 13:56:15
    • Score: 4 out of 4 people found this comment useful.
  • Animal rights

    Pretty good essay, though a bit weak on the implications for the future if animal rights were to be put into law. Also, there is no discussion of any modified approach between the extremes of full animal rights or none. Clearly North American society will not in our life times go full animal rights, so a discussion of compromise positions that might be workable seems called for.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 12:33:39
    • Score: 4 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Bushmen

    This essay is interesting, just too short and too general to be of any use. I am certain that much has been written about the roles of the sexes, about the religion, about thedifficulty such traditional cutlures have in adapting to "modern" life. These are mentioned, not discussed. Disappointing.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 12:21:06
    • Score: 12 out of 12 people found this comment useful.
  • Arranged Marriage

    This essay is too narrow in scope to be of much use and has no documentation. Many cultures other than Arabian do now or in the recent past have had arranged marriages. There must be research concerning how well these marriages do both in their original culture and when exposed to influences from other cultures.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 10:15:20
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Computers

    This is good basic information, but it is dated. If one updated the essay, it would end up a decent piece of work.
    • 11/05/2002
    • 11:45:21
    • Score: 6 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Student Rights

    At first blush, this essay has little to recommend it. It discusses student rights at a particular school naming individuals whom we cannot know and referring to events that are meaningless unless you went to the same school at the same time. However, hidden in the text really is a good discussion of the tensions between individual rights of students and the perceived need of administrators to ride herd on the masses. This essay does give one a place to start thinking about the issues to write a more broadly applicable essay.
    • 10/05/2002
    • 11:16:58
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Abortion

    This essay is just the feelings of one person unsupported by any research or logic. Whether one agrees or disagrees with abortion, this essay does nothing to further understanding.
    • 08/05/2002
    • 15:44:13
    • Score: 54 out of 60 people found this comment useful.
  • Great Depression--Great Essay

    This is a great essay--details documented, easily read. It makes a complex event understandable.
    • 07/05/2002
    • 18:54:54
    • Score: 11 out of 11 people found this comment useful.
  • Gay Adoption

    This essay is not adequately documented--the author puts out his or her opinion (which I happen to share) as fact often without any attempt to document it. "Political coorectness" is not reasoning or authority for a proposition. Also, the essay assumes that it is not legal for gays and lesbians to adopt--that is not universally true. There are many jurisdictions where gay and lesbian adoptions are legal. There are several gay and lesbian organizations accessible on line which can provide specifics.
    • 07/05/2002
    • 14:24:08
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Black Like Me

    This is one of my alltime favorite books. I first read it when it was first published and then again finding it in a used book store last year. The essay was a good represetation of the book. but perhaps two points could have been mde better. First, the civil rights movement was in its infancy at the time--African Americans were very much second class citizens and most of them and most whites saw no change coming. Second, the real danger to an "uppity" black was hard to overstate. The author, as a black man, did not "know his place." He did not act subserviently enough and would even dare to look at the face of a white woman. Great book--very good essay.
    • 06/05/2002
    • 18:42:33
    • Score: 5 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • Juvenile Offenders--Juvenile Essay

    This essay has practically no redeeming value. It contains the expletive-laced rantings of an angry opinionated person who is clearly into violent solutions to complex social problems.
    • 01/05/2002
    • 13:19:06
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Feminist Bard?

    The thesis of the essay is interesting, but not proven. Many strong women were written into Shakespeare's plays because he was an apt observer of the human condition and the woman/man struggle has had its hilarious, tragic and wonderful episodes throughout history.
    • 29/04/2002
    • 14:50:34
    • Score: 7 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • Discrimination

    this is an interesting essay and passionate in its beliefs, but dated. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) has been in existence long enough for ADA cases to be ruled upon by the U. S. Supreme Court. A discussion of how it is interpreted and working now, the problems of enforcement of rights and changes to the law that would make it work better would be far more topical.
    • 26/04/2002
    • 19:06:46
    • Score: 6 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • Euthanasia

    This is a quite well-written essay using a wide variety of sources discussing the pros and cons (mostly the pros) of euthanasia. The only slight constructive criticism I could make is that there was no reference to the only North American jurisdiction allowing physician-assisted suicide--Oregon--and the generally non-controversial (at least in Oregon itself) utilization and application of that law.
    • 26/04/2002
    • 14:30:38
    • Score: 7 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • Medical Marijuana

    This essay is unfortunately legally factually inaccurate for the most part. For instance, Clinton did not outlaw marijuana or the buyers clubs in California--that has been federal law for more than half a century. There is ongoing litigation over federal intervention in state provision of healthcare. Oregon won a ruling 4/17/02 stating that the right to die intiiative cannot be overturned by the fiat of Attorney General Ashcroft. Medical marijuana and the right of state's to implement the kind of health care their citizens wish is a valid topic, but this essay does not assist in understanding the issues. (And the spelling is bad.)
    • 18/04/2002
    • 15:35:37
    • Score: 7 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Counselling

    This was apparently written by a junior high student and is probably a good effort for someone that age--I've not been that age for quite some time. It is, however, very general and vague and is of no benefit to someone above junior high school.
    • 18/04/2002
    • 14:22:08
    • Score: 4 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Liberia

    This is a poignant but disorganized personal account mixing growing up Liberian and leaving the country at an early age with a meager recent history of the country. It is interesting reading, but of no utility other than that.
    • 15/04/2002
    • 13:59:54
    • Score: 8 out of 9 people found this comment useful.
  • Second Amendment

    It is difficult to take seriously an essay on a controversial topic that does not even acknowledge that there are two sides to the story. That is the problem here. One source is cited and it is that source's view that is put forth without any rigorous thought about the accuracy of the source or the competing ideas on the topic. Such an important topic deserves better. HINT--when discussing amendments to the Constitution, do not assume everyone knows what they say. Put in the applicable text.
    • 15/04/2002
    • 11:09:32
    • Score: 6 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • DUII

    This is a simplistic and basic primer on DUII laws in the U. S. It is accurate as far as it goes and can be the basis of a good essay if one takes each topic as an outline and fills in with one's own research.
    • 15/04/2002
    • 11:02:40
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Canadian Electoral Reform

    This is an outstanding essay--well researched and well written. Although the focus is clearly on Canada, the points made about proportional representation could be applied more generally to other nation's political systems.
    • 13/04/2002
    • 13:30:35
    • Score: 7 out of 9 people found this comment useful.
  • Abortion Argument

    The essay is well-written as far as it goes. I'd like to make two points. First, if the author really means humans are not wise enough to determine who should live and who should die as the author says, the implications for the death penalty arguments are so obvious that either the point should be softened or the linkage should be made. Second, the focus is narrowly on the fetus, not on the cost to children of being brought into this world unwanted where not enough support services are in place for them causing needless suffering. A tough topic and a good effort by the author.
    • 13/04/2002
    • 13:14:33
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.
  • Aggression

    This is a generally well-written essay with three weaknesses. First, grammatical errors abound--they need to be corrected.Second, there are spelling errors--use your spellcheck.Finally, although the content is good, it is not as coherent as one would like. Rearranging the information so that the two theories are separately discussed would make the essay more readable.One more thought--should one not at least acknowledge the mainstram position that nature and nurture both contibute to aggression?
    • 12/04/2002
    • 18:58:18
    • Score: 5 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Pro Death Penalty Essay

    This is a difficult and controversial topic, however, the author makes some fundamental errors. First, the child found in the septic system may not have been murdered--murder is intentional unjustified killing. There are other forms of homicide that are not eligible for the death penalty--e.g., manslaughter, negligent homicide. We do not know that this child was murdered.Second, the costs of appeals in death penalty cases are excluded from the author's analysis--they are huge and they need to be accounted for before arguing it is cheaper to kill.Third, although many argue the deterrent effect of the death penalty, in discussing it one whould at least acknowledge the substantial body of work that denies such an effect. I am a criminal defense lawyer and have practiced for 25 years--I have never had a client charged with homicide that gave a moment's thought to the issue of what would happen if they were caught.
    • 02/04/2002
    • 19:45:27
    • Score: 12 out of 13 people found this comment useful.