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  • Strong, but biased...

    There are some very strong points in here as to why the Americans were wrong. If I didn't know any better, you'd have persuaded me to feel that Britian was right in what they did. However, this was not the case. There were many measures that Americans took to try to stop this whole thing. If Britian had just give America some sort of "non-virtual" representation, this issue may have been stopped for a time... I just feel that America doesn't have enough representation here....
    • 10/01/2004
    • 23:09:24
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  • Alright

    The info seems pretty good, but the opening and bibliography could use a little work. "Internet" is not something that would be able to help me check your sources.
    • 10/01/2004
    • 23:01:07
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  • Awesome!!!

    Although I am a Catholic, and will always say "Under God," I found the paper to be very well organized with some very strong and informative points. I liked how it was a very current topic, and the author led the papar in a very nice direction.
    • 05/01/2004
    • 22:13:44
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  • Very Nice

    Wonderfully written and very informative. It might be beneficial to include the mission statement in its entirety somewhere towards the beginning...
    • 05/01/2004
    • 16:16:14
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  • Nice... So far

    I liked how its shaping up, but it doesn't look complete... I think you could go into more detail in certain areas...
    • 05/01/2004
    • 15:58:28
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