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  • Personal selling

    You are the sales manager of a company that sells software training programs. You have a new sales team of approximately 25 salespeople starting next month. Your supervisor has suggested that you develop a 10-day sales training program.Design a curriculum for the first 5 days of the training program integrating the important topics from Chapters 6-9 of your textbook. Here are some elements you might choose to integrate into your schedule:Orientation schedule (such as a reception the night before training)Topics (1-2 from each chapter) with 1-2 paragraph summaries, speakers, if any, as well as dates and timesGroup break-out sessions with 1-2 paragraph description (include session topic, date, time allotted)Breaks (including 15 mintues breaks, lunch, dinner, etc.)
    • 17/01/2004
    • 19:29:04
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  • International management

    This project requires that you draft reports for three different scenarios. Each scenario will require additional information than that provided in your text. Using both your cybrary and the internet draft reports for each of the following:SCENARIO ONE: You and your manager are flying to Hong Kong to complete the negotiations for a contract to buy 50,000 pieces of men's trousers from a garment company there for distribution through your retail stores in the United States. Your manager has asked you to prepare a two-page memorandum outlining the various clauses that should be included in the final contract. She would like to have it in time for tomorrow's meeting with the executives of the garment company.SCENARIO TWO: Your firm is negotiating a licensing agreement with a Chilean firm that will include sharing your patented information and technology with the Chileans. You have been asked by your superior to research and prepare a report on patent protection laws in Chile and the extent to which the laws are enforced. Prepare a three-page memo that includes the requested information and list of the sources of the information.SCENARIO THREE: Renault, a French automobile company, acquired a 38 percent stake in Nissan, a loss-making Japanese car manufacturer. Prepare a two page report discussing how Renault may exercise effective control holding only a minority ownership in Nissan.
    • 17/01/2004
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  • Personal selling

    Joint ventures have high mortality rates and yet seem to enjoy lasting popularity. How do you explain this contradiction? Based on your discussion, write two to three paragraphs explaining this phenomenon.
    • 17/01/2004
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