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  • Interesting

    Good ideas, very provocative... makes ya think doesn't it. I love the way you backed up what you think and the idea is just marvelous. You should double check your words though there were a couple of easily corrected mistakes if you had given it a second look over.
    • 03/02/2004
    • 01:04:24
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  • Good but...

    This was a good essay it encompasses a variety of things pointing out problems and solutions but it doesnt focus on one subject it jumps around alot. I don't know if that was done purposefully or if it was just the way the information was relayed. Other than that it was a great essay
    • 15/01/2004
    • 22:45:28
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  • Don't jump to conclusions

    When you say the last chapter seems too much like Alex finds traditional family values and changes overnight, thats wrong. If you go through the events that lead to his reversal in morals, hes jailed, put through an experiment that no longer allows him the freedom of choice, is manipulated by the politicians, and attempts suicide. Now I wouldn't say that he changed overnight. That is alot of stuff to happen in 2 years, don't you think you would rethink the way you live?
    • 15/01/2004
    • 22:06:23
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  • Get your facts

    Before you run off degrading a man's work you should get all the facts straight. The original novel by Anthony Burgess was originally published in Great Britain and sold over 2 million copies. The underlying theme(which you would know had you read teh book at least) is the importance of choice. I suggest you put down the remote and read this becasue you will never understand the full spectrum of what Kubrick and Burgess are trying to tell us.
    • 15/01/2004
    • 21:54:46
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  • Needs Work

    You should go back over your paper before you turn it in. It has gramatical errors and spelling errors. You clearly read the book but missed a few things. i.e. the setting is not late 1990's just because of the durango. The durango isnt an original name for a car. Burgess intentfully leaves out pieces of the story to get the reader to focus more on the deeper meaning which you correctly portrayed in you paper.
    • 15/01/2004
    • 21:45:58
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