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  • Yeah!

    If there is one thing i dont like more than britney spears, it is saddam! i love your paper, keep on rockin.
    • 12/02/2003
    • 22:57:39
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  • Sweet paper

    This is a great paper, i like the facts and references used. Great job!
    • 12/02/2003
    • 13:38:14
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  • I hate britney spears

    why would anyone look up to her? i fail to see how she has contributed anything to society except producing mre middle-aged horny guys looking for a nude pic of her on the net. give me a break, she isnt someone to look up to. Hitler is a better rolemodel than her.
    • 12/02/2003
    • 13:34:33
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  • Riiiiiiiight...

    I am not quite sure what this was supposed to do Intellectually for me or other readers... i hope you didnt turn this in for an assignment. Sorry.
    • 07/01/2003
    • 00:33:31
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  • Depends on the person.

    Tis essay makes it seem that all police officers are out to harass and harm minorities. I think this person needs to point out that not all of them are like that, some may be currupt but 99% of them are actually helping instead of hurting.
    • 09/04/2002
    • 17:42:00
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