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  • My essay

    acien r&eacute is supposed to be acien regime. For some reason, you can't put accents on here. There is supposed to be a accent on the first "e" in regime, because it's french.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 09:16:48
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  • Commentary

    Ok, you know what I have to say about the introduction lol.This poem is one of my favourites of Downing. I found that you ended the essay very well and your use of quotations was very effective.I the smallest suggestion and maybe you didn't have to do this when you had to submitt this essay (if you did). But I feel if you related this poem to other of his works, it would emphasise your knowledge on the poet as well and would help you to maybe put a little more of historical perspective to the essay.Otherwise, it was an amazing essay.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 08:52:09
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  • Sorry

    Once again, I didn't really like how you started the essay. I don't know, I was just always taught to never use the first person and use the line "the purpose of this poem". It makes the tone of the introduction not as formal.To be honest, I have not read any of Dylan Thomas's poems yet (don't worry, I have heard of him, I'm not an ignoramous) and this essay has inspired me to pick up on some of his poetry after my exams.Once more, I liked reading your essay, you have a style of writing that is very gripping.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 08:44:41
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  • Good work

    This essay was well-structured and analytical. I really enjoy Robert Downings poetry and I agree with most of your interpretations of the poem.Although, I do have one piece of advice. I was always taught to never to use the first person in an essay. The introductions is good, but it would be better if you didn't used the line: In this essay, "I would like to discuss one of Robert Browning's better known poems, My Last Duchess." It would perhaps sound better if you wrote something such as: "My Last Duchess is one of Robert Downing's better known poems..." and then continue the sentence by using "and" to link to the sentence about the language being archaic.Other than that, it was a great essay and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 08:39:41
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  • We are humans

    The battle between the sexes has been something that always has been present in our society and all societies of the world. I have become sick of divisions. Why does humanity always have to divide itself? We're all human, and I know that phrase seems cliche, but I can't stress the importance of it. You can never generalise, because each person is different and there are so many cases where a woman is seen strong than a certain man and vice-versa. Strength is something that is determined by an individual, not their sex.P.S. In regards to women not being able to cope with the stress of being President. So you know, the US is not the centre of the world. There have been many women around the world who have been leaders in their country. I find it strange how a country that is supposed to symbolise world progression hasn't been successful in political and governmental equality.
    • 20/05/2004
    • 17:10:32
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  • Thumbs up

    Great analysis on the controversial and complex character of Othello. Good use of quotations and your personal response is strong. Well done! :)
    • 11/05/2004
    • 11:23:02
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  • Good Job

    A great analysis on a very interesting play. At times you do tend to drift into narrative instead placing forth full arguments. In order to avoid this, you should change the structure. Try not to discuss the play in chronological terms; instead, group themes and arguments together.
    • 11/05/2004
    • 11:14:52
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  • Bravo

    Very good essay and you incorportate the quotations of the novel very well.
    • 05/04/2004
    • 08:01:31
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  • Well done

    very good account on the events of the rise of Nazism. In the beginning, I like the quote, it's very effective. There's a balance, shine light on both aspects of the question.
    • 05/04/2004
    • 07:55:57
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  • Good job

    great essay and good analysis of characterisation, although it may be inproved with more emphasis on the playwright and consider Shakespeare's use of language (example, figures of speech, etc).
    • 04/04/2004
    • 07:42:22
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  • Not bad

    A fairly sound essay. Sufficient discuss on themes, characterisation and awareness of the author. The downside is the lack to quotations. This is essential in a literature essay in order to support the arguments fronted.
    • 31/03/2004
    • 15:58:10
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  • Addition

    Lame attempt of an essay. Almost making a mockery of this site!!! You just repeat the same phrases over and over. Sorry
    • 31/03/2004
    • 13:31:02
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  • Nice try

    It would help if this was an actual essay and not a lot of "main-stream" rubbish! Who is the western world supports marxism in russia! NO ONE! At least you could have added some shock-value and say u were a communist love *joke*
    • 31/03/2004
    • 13:22:17
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