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    its a good essay... involve good details that explains what the topic is about... you should ofcourse used better grammar skills... but overall, its a nice 85% grade, well thats in my opinion
    • 20/04/2004
    • 16:17:25
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  • Yes

    i totally agree with you to the fullest extent... your words are like words of wisdom... i too believe every parent is like that, and that their job is the hardest in the world because it is their duty to guide their child in the correct direction so that they wouldnt grow up being a fuck up... youre right... well done...
    • 19/02/2004
    • 13:52:30
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  • Quitting smoking is only in the mind

    that was a very cool article you wrote about quitting smoking, but i also believe that to quit smoking you have to want it... smoking is strictly an intellectual thing thats in the mind of the person... smoking, once addicted, becomes a daily routine and your mind gets used to it> which controls when your lungs to tell you when you want another cigarette... you ofcourse listen and light it up... and like this your mind takes control and tells you to take more cigarettes <sort of like taking advantage> but if you dont fight your mind youll lose... i believe anyone can quit smoking in one hour if they really fought against their mind and body... and would keep fighting until your mind records that this "fighting" process is a daily routine and youll be fighting yourself not to take another cigarette without knowing it...this is my belief that has worked with my friends that tried it...
    • 19/02/2004
    • 13:49:31
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