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  • Natural Law

    I thought this essay was brilliant for revision purposes, but didn't include Aquinas' four primary precepts; to learn, to worship, to reproduce and to live in a harmoniour society - this is how one becomes a 'good' purpose. Also how we should use natural law in decision making; i.e. homosexuality is wrong because it doesn't fulfill the primary precept to reproduce.
    • 14/05/2002
    • 16:02:59
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  • Arranged marriages

    You forget that until a few years ago, arranged marriages in this country were common place. Since people have begun to marry for love divorce rates have gone sky high. People can fall out of love as easily as they can fall in love! Maybe arragnged marriages are better, after all the couple generally get on well, I belive it is far more important to be best friends with your wife or husband then to find them sexually attrative. If the marriage is arranged you can be pretty much sure that any children will be born into a stable environment. I think the only problem arises when someone is forced into an arranged marriage (which is against the law in many countries where arranged marriages take place!)
    • 14/05/2002
    • 04:24:45
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  • Man vs machine

    Interesting. but is it a review of terminator or is a an essay on 'man vs machine'? It had a lot of good points in I guess. If it isn't a review, I don't think it's such a good idea to base an essay on a film!
    • 14/05/2002
    • 03:55:46
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  • A different point of veiw

    The essay only looked at the argument from one side, the language used was purely emotive with not real fact, just the authors own opinion. It isn't mentioned how she would view abortion if it was the result of rape, or whether abortion is justified if the child is severely disabled or puts the mother's life in danger.In New York there was research done into crime rates. It was discovered that since abortion was legalised crime rates dropped significantly; suggested reason was that there were less unwanted children being born, so were not there to commit the crimes.Also if abortion wasn't legal then desperate women would have back street abortions and endanger their lives or go to a different country - Irish women who need an abortion have to travel to England - they still have the abortion just in a different country at a huge cost!
    • 13/05/2002
    • 17:48:41
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  • Ethical sides of the argument

    The information in the essay was useful but I felt that a) it was slightly biased towards the application of cloning and b) didn't explore the ethical side to cloning enough. Although cloning does offer useful alternatives when applied to medicine, organ transplants etc there are huge ethical and moral issues to address, for example the fact that to create a specialised tissue you need stem cells from a foetus or umbilical cord, this would involve cloning individuals in order to obtain these cells and where does that lead to?? the cloning of individuals... great in theory but we don't yet know what side effects there are. An example is that the nucleus taken from a cell 'thinks' the person is of a certain age and so premature aging is possible i.e. Dolly the sheep.
    • 13/05/2002
    • 17:39:02
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