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  • This was a great essay

    I liked the way you portrayed your well-thoght out views clearly with logical (and not stereotypical) reasons.
    • 17/04/2004
    • 02:17:32
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  • Nice!

    This is a nice essay, with well thought out facts and information. I feel sorry for the score though, I know it did not deserve ten sad faces becuase those were probably just voted by angry racist white people.
    • 16/04/2004
    • 01:26:20
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  • WOW!!

    This was an extremely well done essay with well thought-out opinions backed up with solid facts. This essay was very interesting and was a pleasure to read. The conclusion was excellent as well. Thanks for writing this great essay and I hope to see more great essays like this!
    • 26/03/2004
    • 01:31:43
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  • I Disagree

    I disagree to what you have said. Yes, it is clear that your opinions are biased and unreasearched for you give little evidence that support your facts. Also, NASA's space program is THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT OF MANKIND and is MANKIND'S FUTURE and will CHANGE HISTORY FOREVER. Through the NASA program, medicines that are only able to be produced in zero gravity can be created. The NASA program is also helping in the fight against cancer, which is just as important. Instead of getting rid of this program why not think about using the money that is going to the US army, which funding reaches into the 100 billions?
    • 26/03/2004
    • 00:51:23
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  • This essay was helpful

    This was quite a helpful essay, however lacks a proper and good ending. Keep up the good work though!
    • 26/02/2004
    • 00:36:55
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