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  • Very good!

    a very good essay! i really like it. try to improve your diction though. on the whole, a great piece of work with good attention to specifics!
    • 26/04/2004
    • 18:44:28
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  • Great!

    well researched, knowledgeable, and extremely well written! this author clearly knows their stuff - and ties it well together with other historical occurrences, such as the Brown vs BOE trial. bravo!
    • 04/03/2004
    • 13:41:12
    • Score: 2 out of 2 people found this comment useful.
  • Good, but...

    this is a good essay with lots of information, but i dont think you tied it all together very well. in addition, you only wrote about india up to its independence. how about how the economy thrives on the movie industry in india, which releases over 1000 movies a year? i feel like it is well researched, but you did not include enough information, especially that which deals with contemporary issues (Wipro, the Ambanis, etc.). Good overall - but needs some more detail and conent.
    • 01/03/2004
    • 18:14:32
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