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  • Good Job for Grade 6.

    Although there are a couple of gramatical errors throughout the story, the overall story really isn't affected much. There is much imagery used, which really plays to the imagination. Good job!
    • 18/10/2005
    • 01:15:04
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  • Right to the Point

    It is a nice summary which includes all the major points of the article, and if I had not read the original article, i would have still had the same understanding that i had after reading this summary
    • 07/03/2004
    • 21:58:04
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  • Well thought out Article!

    This article has a very organized structure and presents Microsoft's arguments very clearly. The only problem with the article is that it is a little out dated because Windows XP is now the most popular opperating system, as apposed to Windows 98 or 95.
    • 07/03/2004
    • 18:31:49
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