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  • HAhahahahaha!

    Very cute and creative essay, just make sure your wife dont' read it :Pi think its very well written and clever if this was for a creative writing class you would definitely get an A. Besides you really took and stand and spoke for all the procrastinators out there!I am proud of you!
    • 06/03/2004
    • 15:14:41
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  • Very good

    I think you description of the whole scene and the character's madness was very detailed and you backed up your points very well.However all i sense that it was just facts that you told us rather then your opinion on the story itself. Since you described every scene so well i think your commentary of the story kind of gets lost in all the description.
    • 05/03/2004
    • 09:07:38
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  • I think you lack support/proof

    I totally understand where you are coming from, however, i don't believe this essay has enough of a backup for facts other then that one in the psychological journal.It is true that Most addictions are caused by psychological factor but there is still some physical factor involved in it.Over all I like this essay however i believe most of it is just plainly your opinion and there isn't enough support to back up your opinion. Otherwise very good :)
    • 05/03/2004
    • 08:50:53
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