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  • I a point.

    I agree that affirmitve action is indeed a good idea, but not now, and maybe not ever witht he way people use the system for their own gain. If affirmitive action were to be put into use, not only would all the employees start suing companies, as well as each other, the unemployment rate would skyrocket because businesses would be afraid to fire or layoff slackers because they are a minority, regardless of attitude at work. And you have to keep in mind, this also effects the college oppertunities of students just getting out of high school. As of right now, if two females, one black, one white, take the same classes, and make the same grades,...the black female on a college application has an extra 20 points that the white one does not,..and the white one may not get into college, that really fair? I think not. It people are worried about discrimination, they need to take it to the courts, otherwise perfectly indiscriminate people are going to be unfairly infringed upon.
    • 15/03/2004
    • 20:16:51
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