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  • Tres bon

    Very well written. I would give that essay a 95%. I thought it was happening in US at first, lol. Maybe the teacher got offended by the way you portrayed Australia..
    • 18/06/2004
    • 21:05:39
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  • Good job

    Poe wasn't popular for his poems, but mostly for his short stories. He wrote excelent poems, yet they remained larglely unknown campared with his stories.Raven dosn't necessarily means evil. Usually, he is a symbol of a newsteller. But raven can also be interpreted as a friend, since in stanza 10 it says: "Other friends have flown before; On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before. Quoth the Raven "Nevermore." This can mean the Raven wants to comfort the narrator.
    • 12/06/2004
    • 17:13:25
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  • Nah

    Grammatical problems? You mean spelling, and it's only present in the title.P.S. 'Ackwardly?' Well theres a 'grammatical problem' here too, Don't you mean awkwarly?
    • 12/06/2004
    • 16:57:23
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  • Read carefully

    My essay dosn't have arguement bacause it's an informative essay. I did inlude one citation: "I also think that Carthage should be destroyed"(Cato).
    • 12/06/2004
    • 16:48:23
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  • Good

    Good essay, altough try not to be repetative. I thought that novel was titled "Ten Little Niggers," because that's what my book says that was printed in UK.
    • 10/06/2004
    • 23:05:09
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  • Muy bien : )

    Me gusta la estructura.
    • 08/06/2004
    • 00:38:11
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  • Hmm..

    Yes, I guess your right to some extent. However, all my teachers begining from 7th gr. have been telling not to use 'I.' Its use is more apropriate in stories rather than is analyzes. Some 'inflexible pedants,' haha..
    • 07/06/2004
    • 16:21:40
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  • The Truth

    The Cold War was a product of hatered. People often fear what they don't know. After nazi, Westerners saw USSR as the next possible threat. All the comotion about "communist threat" put fear in western minds and their actions forced the "Reds" to act the same. The Cold War abviosly started after the WWII.P.S. If the Soviet constitution on 1932 would been followed as it was written, USSR would be more democratic than USA. However it was followed as interpreted by the General Secratary...P.S.2- I gave you a smiley because it's still good.
    • 04/06/2004
    • 01:44:40
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  • Great job!

    The essay has good structure and the language usage is great. Just don't put "In this essay" or "I will." That's a little unprofesional. Try to start with a strong thesis.
    • 02/06/2004
    • 23:25:55
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  • It's ok

    It's ok, but I don't see how it's great. It's kind of sick, and SHORT. Many can come up with a plot, it is the writing style that counts. Anyway, how do we know it was not based on some book? (Don't forget the 19 rules governing literary art in the domain of fiction)
    • 02/06/2004
    • 23:05:17
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  • Ok

    "The world was not suprised that the U.S. had stepped in to try to break up the fight"It sounds as if you saing that the Cuban Missle Crisis was between Cuba and USSR and US wanted to intervene..."The U.S. basic approach was to try to get the missiles out of Cuba without harming anyone and doing it without Castro noticing that we were on to their idea of using Soviets to take the blame."USSR was going to put its missles in Cuba since USA mad an American base in Turkey, which was very close to Soviet Union.
    • 01/06/2004
    • 22:05:17
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  • OK

    In the 18th century?! During the greater part of it America was still a British colony! You mean 20th century, if you talking about the 1900's...(To Kill a Mocking Bird happens in the 1930's).Don't forget that Scout is the main character of "To Kill a Mocking Bird," while Tom Robinson is a mocking bird along with Boo Radley.
    • 01/06/2004
    • 21:55:41
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  • Good job

    Very good analyzes of symbolism."Further more When Piggy was later killed by Roger we read how "the rock struck piggy...and the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments" and this symbolized the end of civility and the beginning of savagery on the island."The beginning of savagery begun much earlier in the book.
    • 19/05/2004
    • 18:43:16
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  • Good Essay

    It's hard to think of Iceland as a vacation as a vacation spot.You meant It's hard to think of Iceland vacation as a vacation spot.Other than that, its a good, descriptive essay.
    • 17/03/2004
    • 14:33:10
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