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  • Good.

    I like it, how you're sort of copying Dickens by using extra-long sentences, very interesting.
    • 07/01/2006
    • 13:09:33
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  • A bit bland

    I'd say it's too short. And you only give a simply summarization of Stalin's reign - no opinion of your own.But it's good otherwise.
    • 17/10/2004
    • 15:56:32
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  • It's ok

    1) Where'd you get all the facts? Cite sources.2) Make the facts more definitive. You say "About 10,800 of unborn children are dead for the reason of air pollution existence". 10,800 die each year? Have died since they began counting? What? Explain.
    • 17/05/2004
    • 22:23:40
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  • Umm

    How could I call this. Remix? Rip-off?It would be good if it was alone, if the real song (which, by the way, I don't like) didn't exist. But if something extremely similar to this exists already, I can't help it but disapprove of it.
    • 17/05/2004
    • 22:10:24
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  • Good

    Good essay, but the sentences are a bit too short. Try using compound and complex sentences - they ease the flow of the text.
    • 17/05/2004
    • 22:02:01
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  • Good essay

    I like it; topic is good, supporting details, etc.One thing I don't like - some of the sentences. I'm extremely picky about them; sentences such as "Even in ancient times where the population would never fall below sixty million (Hsu 1)". Fragments!
    • 17/05/2004
    • 22:00:23
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  • Unorganized

    Your ideas are only slightly organized, I think. It looks as though you just blurted out all the ideas you had and wrote them down, with no editing afterwards.
    • 16/05/2004
    • 21:56:23
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  • Average...

    Your sentences are in fragments/run-ons. That is a bit annoying at times.Also, I fail to see any relationship between the two time periods. I mean... yeah, there were some similarities, but why exactly those?:)
    • 28/03/2004
    • 18:35:54
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