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  • Microsoft is pure c**p!!

    I'm sorry, but I must say that your essay was horrible! It was based on purely fiction just as the quality of microsoft products is. There are better operating systems out there...and if you are just to believe the bulls**t that microsoft feeds down your throat then you seriously need help...!!!Another thing is, microsoft never had any 'HUMBLE' beginnings, Bill Gates's mother was a part of the IBM board...thats the only reason that Microsoft got its big break (so to speak).So in conclusion, I must say, for all those id***s out there using Microsoft...DONT it's the biggest piece of S**t in the world (full of bugs), and go look for a decent operating system PLEASE!!Thats all folks.
    • 02/04/2004
    • 02:50:34
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  • Engagement

    I like your essay because it reflects the attitudes that many people share. Thus the reader can engage with the text.But this essay is a tad confusing in parts and moves away from the question.
    • 27/03/2004
    • 21:30:45
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  • Good use of quotes

    The essay is really good. And I think its good that you have used alot of quotes to back up what you are saying. Alot of essays don't deal with the question directly. But yours does. Thats good.
    • 26/03/2004
    • 00:27:42
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  • Insight

    I must say that your essay is really good, it shows good insight, and the structure is also quite good
    • 26/03/2004
    • 00:25:42
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  • Problems with detail

    I believe, personally that your essay does not go into enough detail and give enough quotes, these are things than need to be considered when getting an A in an essay. Although I must say the structure is quite good.Keep on going with the hard work.
    • 25/03/2004
    • 20:10:06
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