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  • Is this just my imagination?

    Is this just my imagination or is this a article from yahoo? Are u allowed to be doing this? Just Copy and paste article?! I believe that is against the rules. Of course I could be just presumptious....but clearly you have labelled its origins as Yahoo News.Other than that. This is good article, IF it was written by you.
    • 27/09/2004
    • 06:51:00
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  • Pretty accurate, overall nicely done

    Incorrect about 1 thing, Buddhist's don't believe in a God. They believe in an enlightened man. For us there is no such thing as a god. For Buddhist's you have several lives, repeated over and over again, you can be born as any animal, so long as it is conscience, an ant, a turkey, a spider, or our favourite the Human. Bassically we say that if you lived a good life in ur previous lives then you shall have a better life next time, and if u commit a crime you shall pay for it in your next life. E.g. if you steal something from someone in one life, later on you shall pay for that by having somthing taken away from you, in the form a of a loss, bassically somehow you shall loose something, but it shall be worth more. This is what you'd know as Karma ;)For us your ultimate aim in life is to end it. To do enough good deeds that eventually you'll become like the Buddha, an enlightened man about leave the circle of existance and enter eternal sleep. So we don't worship a god but we respect him as a great man who finally attained that great stage of ceasing to exist.I dunno much bout Islam so no comment there =PGud essay neway =D
    • 14/07/2004
    • 00:32:04
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  • Another essay to add the classic battle....

    Your whole essay was a little fuzzy, but generally the point came through. You didn't really write a conclusion and left it as a rhetorical question. Interestingly this was actually a question where I couldn't tell what you were trying to point out. 'A' use contraceptives or 'B' don't abort.I also like the way you started with a statement implying the choice is yours and then creating a question at the end, which works well to reinforce your opening line.However throughout the essay I felt the tendancy for you was that abortion was bad, EVEN though you were saying 'the choice was yours'. Which really contradicts your original purpose considering you didn't lay out all the facts. Therefore I must say a bit of a contradiction it was still an okay essay, not great, but alrite. Keep it up!
    • 06/07/2004
    • 01:51:42
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  • Information with an edge =D

    Subtle humour in this essay was most entertaining, intentional or not is upto you. Must say, much better than the other one.Well researched, and written in a manner like I'm reading a story. I like reading stories so this was appealing to both halves of my brain =DGood Work! Keep it up =D
    • 05/07/2004
    • 06:18:06
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  • Don't be Niave!

    Although I must empathise with the other comments about poor spelling and grammer you should think a little. Yr 8 Student who appears to of written this essay just for this website. Sure it does have its drawbacks about being hard to read, but look past that and look at the content. I believe I learnt somethign outta this essay. Sure you might of had that naggin sensation at the back of your head, saying, WHOA! spelling is wrong, but ur all smart enough to understand what Naezam was trying say. Don't be niave and just give it a bad rating simply cause of typo's, its not the reason people write essays! If you believe u've wasted your time reading this essay then mark it badly, but don't do it based on spelling!On the otherhand Naezam should next time use some sort of editing tool. e.g. 'Microsoft Word' would of picked up most of those mistakes. Use it next time buddy =D Then u won't have to listen to these blokes. If you have trouble with a word use the dictionary, it's also a link on this website on the left hand side of th screen. Write some more, read more books, enjoy english, its a delicious subject. =DThe more you do the better you get.Nice try here. Can see you researched at least a little.
    • 05/07/2004
    • 06:07:06
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  • Smashing song

    That poem, that song, that was truly brilliant. I suppose they were proffesionals but that was terrific. Your evalvation isn't bad, a bit vague but for your level its still good. You still got the drift of the song which is the important bit, if you understand the meaning, then the author has reached thier objective. I've never heard that song, thanks for showing it. I like that band, though only heard 1 song. A very deep band, and a very thought provoking song I think.
    • 06/06/2004
    • 06:18:50
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  • GLADiator =P

    Haha...this is an interesting piece of work. I'm not sure why you bothered to research all this information but it certainlly does shed some light onto the background of the film. I thought the movies was truly billiant, and loved every moment, even after the 20 viewing. But some things you have to acknolodge, Hollywood scriptwriters have certain contraints on the time allowed in the film, and the intensity of the movie. I think gladiator worked so well because it cut out on the historically accurate bits but add drama to replace it. You see other historical films and they are rather boring, but Gladiator doesn't embrace history as its main source of the story, nor does it claim to be based on a true story.In short your arguement is true, but irrelavant.Its still a well written piece of work =D No offense =D
    • 30/05/2004
    • 06:51:54
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  • Yay controversy =D

    Nice Essay, well structured and well explained. There are several things that I think I can agrue with however.I'm to assume this is an arguement rite? Well I like to agrue against the mainstream even if I don't agree with myself completely. I've decided to place my "Reply" in another Essay, cause not only do I need some points but itz too big for a standard reply =P Also because I'm treating this as a debate.My rebuttle is given on this link:
    • 29/05/2004
    • 11:15:38
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  • Politics is a tricky issue....

    Politics is a tricky issue here, but I'm thinking that you are digging too far by simply stating that politics and culture are two fates interwined....I'm an Australian, and hell proud of it. We have a culture which is truly individual from the rest of the world...we have a past which is a big ugly mess....and we have a future which is being formed. Future could be beatiful, yet it mite be totally different from our wildest imaginations...something even George Lucus didn't think of. What your saying is that this is ruining our identity. Okay, we're changing, I agree. But think about our past? Our horrible past, that past that will always stain our history. We had to change from that past didn't we? So we did, and there were people whining about it, just like you are rite now. BUT, do you or do you not agree that our present status, is a hell of alot better than 50 years ago. Like I'm saying that identity was "uniquely Australian" back then aswell, but most of us hate it right now....think in 50 years...where we could be! There is soo much that we can do in this world, but this whole process is part of change, and we're all changing, all we gotta do is make sure we changing for the better.Now to address your main point here, are we becoming Americans? I have to agree. But then again we are becoming alot like the rest of the world aswell. A question of identity is hard to answer. I mean what is our identity? Is it Aboriginals, Brits in a desert, or as you simply put it, the good ol beer gut man on his saturday bbq, what about our steriotype...that rides his Kanga to school everyday wearing cork hats, whilst saying crickey and hunting crocidles like our good friend Steve Erwin?Its all an illusion, we're a collective group of individuals, you might like the beer gut man, but I'm sorry mate most people I know hate him. We're a nation advancing, moving through the system, we don't just have bbq every saturday and we don't sit there and drink beer all day. We live in cities cause we like it, we visit farms almost as if they're tourist attractions, we don't need to live in the past. If we have to move foreward taking other countries on our wings, so be it. Our culture will become a bit more American, a bit more Asian, a bit more British, and Bit more of everything. The goverment prior to looking to America for support in conflict looked towards Britain. And look where that landed us in Turkey? Commanded by a bunch of assholes and slaughtered by MG's. America has its own problems, like guns, rape, violence, and list will keep going...but they are cultureal issues not political issues. Your arguement is purely based on politics, it doesn't show a scrap of evidence for us moving culturally. All those problems earlier stated are problems that stay in a country. You wont suddenly find that kinda domestic violence arrive in Australia. We have things like welfare, integrity, we have values...sorry if I'm being harsh to you American, but its true. We have our own problems but they don't compare to you guys. For example, our record of gun violence will stay clean cause we have gun laws, something the American government in thier classic texan syle aint thought up yet. But that's an arguemtn that'll lay within American hands, I'm staying outta it.Essentially What I'm saying is that change happens, you may agree or not, but it'll happen. All that you can hope is that you look back on the past in 50 years instead of saying "The Golden Years" you'll be saying how violent and cruel humanity was.
    • 01/05/2004
    • 06:28:45
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  • Small is good, but more is better =D

    Well there are some nice ideas here. Some are argueable but thats cool in an essay, however there is very little material. No into, no conclusion, just the ideas. You appear to be stating these facts as if it were a debat. Was that what you were aiming for? Or are you just stating some facts for the heck of it? There is an argument here but it needs to backed up, and you should try and make your ideas flow.Bassically next time just add an intro and a conclusion. Better Luck next time =D
    • 19/04/2004
    • 02:50:48
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  • To be rather blunt....

    Sorry this essay is's not really structured. I'm not sure what it analysis of life, a study of human behaviour, or just some random thoughts running througha person's head..simply put your thoughts not only contradict each other, but your argument or structure is totally don;t seem to really showing any point that your trying to make..the point that I'm trying to make is make ur work better and more understandable...make it enjoyable to read but also give a purpose for the audience to read and this has neither both.....sorry mate this one just didn't cut it for me....better luck next time =D
    • 02/04/2004
    • 22:59:45
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  • Bingo!

    This sad tale is indeed blueBut to your heart it'll sink throughDaring you to start dreamingTo create a life of meaningTo make some purpose to lifeTo make it through that strifeThough the danger be imminentYour dream will become permanentAnd though the sands of time will passYour dream will stand out from the class
    • 29/03/2004
    • 06:14:48
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  • Whoa

    Great stuff really shows emotions =D
    • 25/03/2004
    • 05:08:45
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