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  • Procedure?

    Too bad you didn't include the experimental procedure. (Mohrig Lab-book?)It would have interested me to read how aspirin is produced in a laboratory.Other than that, a solid lab report.
    • 31/03/2004
    • 10:04:26
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  • Some solid points..

    Good essay.I especially like the statistics you gave, to quote one: " since 1957, the number of Americans who say they are "very happy" has declined from 35 to 32 percent".Why do you think this is? Is it possible that in a society that evolves so strongly around capitalism and consumerism, people cannot be as happy?Think about it.If you look back at the 1950's, how widespread was the media, along with everything that goes with it (i.e. advertising)? It was a fraction of what it is today, justifying the statistic with the above theory.Nice work! :)
    • 31/03/2004
    • 09:41:52
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    Content = 80%Language = 60%Use more paragraphs, periods, semi-colons and commas! Using linked paragraphs would make your essay easier and therefore more interesting to read. An examiner will lean more to giving you a higher grade if he does not have to pause in the middle of sentences to analyse what has been stated.Content:Well thought out and researched. I agree fully to your conclusion; I believe that cardio training one day combined with muscle workout the next (naturally with a carefully balanced diet) will optimally burn away fat, at the same time building muscle. At the gym you should never do both at the same time, as running / jogging for long periods of time before working out minimises the energy thats made available to your muscles, thus being ineffective.All in all, good essay. Just use more commas and semi-colons (;).
    • 31/03/2004
    • 09:28:11
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  • Hmm....

    I can see why you got 66%.. there are some language weaknesses; a number of sentences are too short, often with noticeable synonym repetitions.The content is well structured, although it is never really a good idea when writing essays to use sub-titles; you should lead the paragraphs into one-another and use longer ones.Widen your vocabulary. Use the synonym feature on newer versions of Word if you don't feel like using a thesaurus.
    • 28/03/2004
    • 07:42:48
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