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  • Good Job.

    This is a really great essay. One who's quality, relating to the subject, I haven't seen in comparison in a while. It is apparent that the writer comprehends the subject and is able to analyze it. It is very clear and easily understood as well, a feat which is rarely accomplished when writing on this topic. SO KUDOS TO YOU.
    • 26/10/2005
    • 23:36:15
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  • Too Boring.

    This paper just prattles on for a long time never really analizying anything. It makes you wonder if any thought was put into this paper as to create some in depth intelligent analysis. More reasearch and thought is needed to delve into this deep subject.
    • 19/10/2005
    • 21:24:07
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  • Too basic.

    Although your analysis is mostly valid it appears at times that you did not go it too much depth in the subject. It is apparent that this is not a paper that was worked on for a long enough time for real and new findings to be had. It would be benificial for the writer to elaborate more and explain the main ideas in more depth to create a better portrait of ideas.
    • 10/10/2005
    • 13:54:12
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