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  • Polotics

    Thios essay couldve been researched a little better. especially a political one at best needs to have credible references with actually quotes. To short also for a fourth year college essay i would expected somthing a little more substantialNeeds a lot of work
    • 01/03/2005
    • 20:06:22
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  • ZDHHC8??

    This is certainly an interesting aspect of the disability.Most people see the illness but however give little thought to the biological chemestry behind such disabilities like schizophrenia. Chromosones, genectics have certanly come a lone way and hopefully one day we might be able to find a cure for some of the disabilities that plague us in society todayWd nice essay
    • 01/03/2005
    • 19:59:09
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  • Computering Im A noob (Newbie)

    Ah some interesting facts from someone who knowes little or nothing about how comp run etc i found this essay very imformative. so many different explanations ie lans and wans a whole different language lolWd great essay well worth the read!!
    • 01/03/2005
    • 19:53:25
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  • Ok : ONE SIDED??

    well for i think a good essay considers both sides of a argument . This seems to me to very onesided. Dont get me wrong i love animals and own a dog myself. However we have to give wieght to animal testing in such things as cancer, organ transplants, new medication etc without animal testing would not be possible.I think you highlighted the worse case scenarioes. However we also have to consider when we do actaully participate in animal testing that world wide code of ethics is applied that see's the animals that are involved are treated humanlyAn interesting essay and a topic which there is no right or wrong depending on what beliefs you hold etcGood essay one which stirs alot of emotion WD!!!
    • 01/03/2005
    • 19:49:51
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    hamburgers one of my fav food it was actually good to see someone actually write about the polotics behind as some may see as a multi million or even billion dollar buisiness like maccas etcWell done great essay
    • 01/03/2005
    • 19:42:00
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  • A difficult issue

    A very complex issue like all hidden disabilities we as a society take a diminished view on people who suffer from these illnesses.I would have liked to have seen you put some theory to practice for the set case scenariosytem theory, in explaining her connection towards her family (mothers hostility)for example could have been further explored.All up however a difficult topic never easy to write about well done good effort
    • 26/02/2005
    • 19:05:28
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  • Funny

    Well i guess thats one way of looking at a religouse experience lol. I reallly never looked at that way. Your writing is unique and anyone who can use humour to lighten which seems to some a deliquate topic I am in awe off. Well written and funny to boot GOOD STUFF
    • 17/08/2004
    • 19:04:02
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  • True love

    Ah the emotonal roller coaster of love> I suppose everyone has that feeling when you meet a partner you wonder how past relationships have influenced them and how much love etc they still hold for the other people. You seemed to wrap this up nicely, could have been a bit longer rather short i thought but overall well donePeps
    • 21/06/2004
    • 20:44:40
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  • Work

    HiOk first up very informative and i can see you have put a great dael of effort into your piece. However when you make generalisations "For all we know in the future we will have robots serving us food!" be carfull if you make these assumptions maybe include a reference for example Japan's icreasingly attitude to Robotics into personal care etc. I actually read that they have Robots that can give you hair cuts lolOverall though this was extremally well written and one which can be realted to.Keep up the great workPs maybe include what level you are and grade recievedPeps
    • 21/06/2004
    • 20:32:11
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  • Reflective

    Where do i start, suspense, drama , Love, Thrills it had it all. (ps you are now turning me into a poem critic). I also made the connection to other peces taht can be realated to this piece for example Romeo and Juliet affliation with love and death etc seemed a strong influence. Overall well written and very reflective on how life can be love one moment and death the nextPeps
    • 21/06/2004
    • 20:06:07
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  • Nice Touch

    Hey great piece of writing. Although I dont read much poetry mysealf, the way that you wrote the piece made want to read on. It opened my eyes to the peom and made it more easily understood as i went to have a look at the original. As far as I am concerned very well written. Peps
    • 21/06/2004
    • 19:54:38
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  • Difficult issue

    I totally can see the issues you have wrote about. Having just finished a research project on terminally ill patients and assisted suicide i can reflect really well with what you have wrote. Fantastic piece of writing which i found to be emotionaly charged GOOD WORKPeps
    • 21/06/2004
    • 05:23:39
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  • Nice

    ok first up way to short I would have liked to see a bit more descripitive detail in your account. Apart from that overall Good effort, keep up the great writing can only improve
    • 20/06/2004
    • 20:19:03
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    Hey there i thought generally very well writtenAlso i would included with social workers use theories on how the worker may approach the person who has been a victim of domestic voilence (use theories as framework to explain occurences etc why etc)For example the systems theory which explains such things as systems which break down in this case for example a this theory may look at a husband losing his job and his place in the family has changed feels out of place frustration>> leads to domestic voilencePsychoanylis theory could also be used by the worker from another avenue of approach seeing the offender and victem in couselling etcWell done GREAT EFFORT!!!
    • 28/04/2004
    • 20:45:23
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  • Interesting

    I agree mainly if your going to say just only cloth,and give no evidence immeditly weakens your position. To add weight to your argument /piont would be worthwhile in adding some back up proof of the cloth actuallly did exsist? might want to include some scietific proof of thisI have concerns that you place to much empahsis on a piece of clothing. Its not clothes a person wears, that makes that person special its the person. what he/she does / or in this case what he is believed to have done that is worhwhile of more considerationAll up but an interesting Topic
    • 20/04/2004
    • 00:41:39
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  • Some Suggestions

    You say many magazines ?? what magazines?, May\'be also you could have icluded advances in forensic science like that of DNA testing? the application in solving crim, such as rape etcDont be to broad on your discussion and if your going to say \"a reporter from UXL\" name the reporter and reference him /her to the source. Maybe also include a brief outline of the history you mentionedApart from this a good effort
    • 19/04/2004
    • 20:58:22
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