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  • I think not.

    Just imagine, you are a class epsilon, you are short, not that great looking, you work all day long in the boring factory, you hate the things you take for granted now, you hate the beach, you hate the night sky, the sunshine and you can't even play hockey. You will never love, you will never be loved, you never know who your parents are, no one cares about you're wellbeing. You are only happy because you are on Soma, everytime you are depressed, everytime you see something you take for granted today, you take abit more, digging yourself into a hole that you can't escape from, that you never even knew you were in. You like stability don't you? Stability in the "Brave New World" means doing whatever the 'World Leaders' programme you to do. Instead of a Coach telling you what to on field, there is someone telling you what to do every day, every hour, every minute, every second of your entire life.What a life, what a world.I think not.
    • 31/10/2005
    • 05:51:25
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  • Wow

    Extremely detailed and well written,Keep it up!! =)
    • 05/09/2004
    • 06:21:39
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