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  • Very good

    Very well researched. Author definately knew what they were talking about. One of the best I've read.
    • 22/10/2006
    • 17:40:31
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  • Job well done

    Seems thoroughly researched. Enjoyed reading it. It really is a shame what happened. Should teach us a lesson so as to not have it happen again. Once again, job well done.
    • 22/10/2006
    • 17:32:19
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  • Another excellent paper

    i think you can pretty much guess what im going to say. except for a shaky introduction, it was very well written and i love how real you made it seem, as if i was there. once again i enjoy reading you work and especially like the first person point of view. once again great job.
    • 30/06/2004
    • 19:43:01
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  • Fantastic

    this is once again excellently written. once again i enjoy how you used first person and i only envy you for having such an astonishing professor, one who agrees with just writing what comes, rather than following a set of rules. i like how you made this very real for the readers, and i can see there was a lot of emotion in this and a lot of time went into writing this. once again great job
    • 30/06/2004
    • 19:37:22
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  • Very good writing

    Overall i thought it was very well written. I too am usually reprimanded for using I, we, or starting with "I think that" but here i think that was appropriate in order to emphasize your point of view. But overall i thought i was well written. I even went and read the original text before because i hadnt heard of it before and i liked it. Keep up the good work and i look forward to reading more of your good work.
    • 30/06/2004
    • 19:23:25
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  • Overall pretty well written

    Overall pretty well written. Your thesis could have been more to the point. Try not to digress as much. Other than that job well done.
    • 16/05/2004
    • 13:40:45
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  • Some mistakes, but overall good

    Overall is good. Like others said, your thesis needs to be a bit more powerful. Some spelling mistakes, and you need to do less digressing. Other than that, pretty well done.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 14:49:13
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  • Concise and interesting

    Very concise and interesting. You sound like a natural writer. It must come easy. I enjoyed reading them very much. Job well done.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 14:46:50
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  • Very Good

    This was very well written. Good knowledge of the facts and the novel. I like the use of quotes to support your thesi. Anyone who needs a representation of characters from Frankenstein, I would recommend this in a heartbeat. Very well written
    • 25/04/2004
    • 14:42:43
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  • Pretty Good overall

    Overall for a 10th grader, I would say this was pretty well written. Your facts are there and it seems you did your research and know what you are talking about. However, you digress a little too much. Try keeping on topic and only talk about what's relevant to you thesis. Otherwise your paper will be about the wrong thing. So overall I feel this was pretty well written. I would give it either a high B+ or a low A-.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 14:39:18
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  • Great Paper

    This was very thoroughly researched. It was very well written. The facts are all there and he seems he knows what he's talking about. Job well done. I would recommend this to anyone
    • 25/04/2004
    • 14:19:22
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  • Overall Good

    I thought overall it was well written. The paragraphs on Frankenstein and the monster were good. Although, I'm not sure I would compare the external conflict of Walton being stuck in the ice to the internal conflicts that both Victor and the monster have. Other than that I thought it was pretty well written and you knew what you were talking about.
    • 22/04/2004
    • 15:37:37
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  • Great Paper

    This seems like it was very thoroughly researched and I would recommend it to anyone
    • 21/04/2004
    • 17:08:32
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