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  • Dear one

    I can definitely detect where your writing leaves off and the source writing begins. You need to work on word usage to make your thoughts clear and concise. Also sentence and paragraph structure. I see that you are a sophmore so that helps explain some of it. Please do yourself justice and use the campus writing center obtaining help and guideance. There should be one located on your college campus. Good writing skills will be needed for you to successfully finish your college education. You gave it a good try and that is the first step in any successful venture. Blessings in the future. Keep trying!
    • 23/04/2004
    • 23:45:12
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  • Nice Read

    Good paper on business ethics and comparisons among the three countries. Well written and documented. Especially useful information on the Russian black market and mafia and how it disrupts the costs of doing business in the marketplace.
    • 23/04/2004
    • 18:56:08
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  • Nice job

    Very well written essay. My compliments. you have done a thorough job in explaining the many aspects that marketers must consider when designing advertising campaigns. Good work!
    • 22/04/2004
    • 22:13:11
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  • Kudos!

    Good paper well planned and documented.Fine use of the english language.
    • 22/04/2004
    • 18:55:10
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  • Am doing this case in class now at senior level

    The author means well but really! His english is terrible and I am sorry but if I was your professor I would have failed this paper! At senior level courses if college students are being passed without an understanding of the English language then shame on our educators!! If an international student has trouble with the language they can go to the writing center on campus and get help. I can't believe our Professor's are allowing this. It's outrageous.
    • 22/04/2004
    • 18:33:30
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