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  • I REALLY love this essay!

    WOW! this is a CRAZY good essay! i took some points from it..hope that's okay. But wow! i like how you set it up, and i love the paragraph structures! keep up the good work!!!
    • 10/05/2004
    • 21:34:39
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  • Wow!

    i like the wording, and i like the use of quotations, this is a really good essay, and it really makes you think about macbeth.
    • 27/04/2004
    • 22:08:25
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  • Great!

    very informative and witty, i enjoyed reading this thoroughly. You bring up some very interesting points, and it seems like this is for...Anthropology? anyways, keep up the good writing.
    • 27/04/2004
    • 21:51:11
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  • This is a good essay!

    I was researching cloning, and it's principles for school, and i came across this, and it was a godsend, because i then had some points that i could take, and conform to my own essay. THANKS!
    • 26/04/2004
    • 21:40:33
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