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  • Scary...

    Reads like a great essay!The information is frighteningly accurate and well presented. What this essay lacks, however, is a strong thesis. I think a strong thesis statement could pull this otherwise jumbled essay together and make the information flow a bit smoother.
    • 30/04/2004
    • 02:47:14
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  • Well Written

    This is a truly great essay...It reads like a textbook, with very little apparent personal input though the very topic and how you present some of the information give just enough personal feel to it to make the essay really powerful. A great extrapolation of Dr. King's works.
    • 29/04/2004
    • 23:17:57
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  • Overall Great!

    A great essay, a nice breadth of the topic is introduced.I would suggest adding more information on 'Buddha nature,' what that means, what it is, etc. This would set the essay over the top as it is already nicely written.
    • 29/04/2004
    • 23:05:56
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