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  • Drug abuse

    the essay was good,but in your essay you say that a teen has to have a posistive life so you dont get involved with drugs.well from personal experience i was a straight a student,didnt get into trouble,involved in sports,parents were married,doing activities after school.well i started dating this boy,and nothing mattered to me anymore.i stopped playing sports,grades went down,arguing with my parents,not coming home on time,getting into trouble with cops,and fighting.when him and i broke up i realized later on that everything i was doing to the people i loved wasnt it doesnt matter whether your life is positive or not.if someone wants to do drugs they are going to do them.the friends that you have are the ones that are going to determine whether you get involved with drugs or all teens are put under peers presure.Alot of teens only do drugs and alchol to fit in,and not get made fun of.the more your parents are strict the more there going to push thereselves away from need to have trust in your children.ask them questions.when a child feels like they are being hovered,and that there space is being invaded they push you dont need to have a negative life just to do could have the best life in the world,but to be under peer presure is the worst thing in the world.i really didnt like this article all that much.
    • 07/05/2004
    • 08:14:12
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