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  • Pretty good.

    This was good and it explained a lot. Nice work.
    • 21/11/2004
    • 06:49:03
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  • Down Syndrome

    I liked this one. It was informative and easy to understand/read. I especially liked how you elaborated on the chromosome part of the disorder.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 17:21:11
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  • Anatomy of the Heart

    Very informative but could be better structured.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 17:13:58
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  • Hitler and Stalin

    I think the support to the thesis could built on and better developed.The essay also needs a bibliography in order to let others know where you got some of the information.
    • 27/05/2004
    • 17:10:47
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  • Do not go gentle...

    You have amazing writing skills-- concise and well constructed. This is a great piece, so thanks for sharing! Nice job.
    • 26/05/2004
    • 22:09:05
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  • Porhyria's Lover

    As chilling as the poem was itself, your break-down of the lines made it more creepy. Though it starts with an interesting introduction, the rest was easy-flowing, well constructed and a good read all in all. Nice job.Congrats, by the way, on reaching over 100000.
    • 26/05/2004
    • 21:57:30
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  • Beatles' Song

    Reading this inspired me to listen to the song-- in order to better relate the actual music with your words. Making up for its abrupt ending, is its well constructed conciseness. Nice job!
    • 26/05/2004
    • 21:50:32
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  • Child Abuse notes.

    If these notes could be made into a well structed essay, it'd make for a much more interesting read (essay-wise).On another note...It's too bad that these things happen to children because kids should be allowed to retain their innocence and that spark in their eyes, which you described had been replaced with misery in one child.The information being shared is quite clear, and it's sad that these things happen-- all over the world.
    • 26/05/2004
    • 21:36:59
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  • I liked it.

    That was pretty good! For a short one, it explained a lot about the characters while keeping the story going. Nice job.
    • 26/05/2004
    • 07:29:39
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  • Bravo, take a bow!

    I just want to comment on how well written this essay is. It has plenty of background and resources that help support your opinion, well developed introduction and thesis.I also agree with you being in favor of physician assisted suicide. I think that it is up to the patient and varies with each situation.Again, congrats on a job well done.
    • 25/05/2004
    • 13:22:02
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  • Good

    It has good information, and styled well. Having citations would make it better.
    • 18/05/2004
    • 22:04:10
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  • Nice

    Well this essay has some information that can be a great add on to other essays especially because it deals specifically with the impact credt cards have on society.
    • 09/05/2004
    • 13:30:07
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