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  • Critique of essay/previous comment

    this is a business studies essay an analysis of the sucess of a multinational and it\'s a good essay i think we need to be aware of the context this was written in and of the fact that addressing the question is important to a student who needs to pass. however wasn\'t it nike that pulled a publicity stunt similar to the whole cool runnings plot african guys in the winter olympics and the way i heard it was that these atheletes all got pnemonia and had to be sent homne. which brings me to my final point the essay is a touch over the top in bestowing the virtues of nike and comes across as an advert rather than a business critique which is why it probably only recieved 58%
    • 14/05/2004
    • 21:55:26
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  • Atkins Corrections.

    Bad spelling, punctuation and flawed grammer. When stating that the Atkins diet is similar to a high carbohydrate diet it is completely missing the point that these two diets are polar opposites of current dieting thought. None of the social issues involved are used in this essay either. Surely some mention should be given to the cost of the Atkins diet and how eating like Henry the eigth and remaining thin can become a very addictive pass time.
    • 13/05/2004
    • 08:07:02
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