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  • Informative, but not to those not familiar with science.

    The essay seems to be quite thorough in detail, however it seems too technical for me. This is probably not a problem though, as after taking science for 5 years of high school the teacher would probably expect you to use the language without additional explanation.I also thought that (like the other commentor) the essay needed more structure and was sort of rushed. This could have been accomplished easiest by adding an introduction and conclusion, perhaps talking about practical uses for this technology or how it is used today.
    • 18/09/2005
    • 22:28:26
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  • Good Overview

    Overall good overview of the war.... not to long and too the point.
    • 03/06/2004
    • 17:45:40
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  • Biased

    So-So essay but I think that it is very biased. Perhaps you could have done a better job of dealing with the issues that are raised saying TV is harmful. Just brushing off the issues like Jerry Springer is just entertainent isn't going to sway people who arer already con-television!
    • 26/05/2004
    • 17:17:44
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  • I enjoyed it.

    I think your paper is very informative on why Seinfeld was (and is) such a popular show. You also back up your points very well and use good examples
    • 26/05/2004
    • 17:03:31
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  • Good facts!

    I thought the paper could go into a bit more information on the actual thesis topic but the facts were good.
    • 26/05/2004
    • 16:58:28
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  • Good but...

    Overall good essay but perhaps change the sources to the actual websites and actual websites used (there a quite a few websites that can be found by google ;) )
    • 26/05/2004
    • 16:49:39
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  • Overall good

    Good explanation of why people enjoy viewing the genre of movie that Scarface is in
    • 24/05/2004
    • 15:17:13
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