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  • May be one day it will be realised

    The model of an ideal teacher as you have described sounds pretty good. I hope you have some of them. But, unfortunately for most of us, that is not the case. Let's hope that one day your ideas are put into practice and this elusive dream is realised. God willing, we shall be successful.
    • 14/09/2004
    • 11:04:36
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  • Wrong Idea

    Pakistan did not do its part of the job. It was to remove the estimated 750,000 tribals wo had entered into Kashmir for Jihad. Without this commitment, Idia was not able to risk taking ot its military, lest Pakistan attack again.Check your facts first. This is a totally biased essay copied right out of Pakistani embassy papers
    • 24/08/2004
    • 08:31:38
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  • Wrong Wrong Wrong

    I believe you are an uninformed Pakistani who has no idea what the hell is going on. First and foremost, People of J&K did not want to go to Pakistan. secondly, there were only sporadic rebellions. The war was carried ot first from 24 Oct 1947-2nd Nov 1947 by Tribals from Pakistani.Then it was taken up by Paki irregular army and finally from May 1948 by Paki army. Secondly, the provisional Govt. in Kashmir was taken up by the only popular leader of Kashmir, who criticised Pakistan. Junagadh is of a different order altogether as well as Hyderabad.So first of all get your act together.
    • 24/08/2004
    • 08:21:15
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  • Title misses out on using the word "Peace"

    Peace between these two nations will be extremely difficult. Particularly because hatred for the 'other' has seeped into the genes of every citizen on either side. The people of both these nations have been afflicted by tremendous brutalities and peace is synonymous to surrender. Thus Peace between them will be a beatiful but futile dream.
    • 24/05/2004
    • 12:43:48
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  • The subject is clear

    The content is just a long haranguous monotone of someone else's work. Where are your views?
    • 24/05/2004
    • 10:25:59
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  • The title explicitly states one idea which is not totaly right. A better one would be if the person incorporated his thesis into it

    Perormance appraisals are not always necessarily based on teamwork. A boss does not necessarily have to be a part of a team, yet he/she will be quite capable of understanding the worth of employees, if they know the job thoroughly.
    • 23/05/2004
    • 09:33:03
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  • Good. But there could use some more explaining.

    Pretty weak on Public point but basicaally a reflection of self ideas and methods.Good piece of work on the whole however.
    • 23/05/2004
    • 09:22:49
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