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    "You gone and done it again," once again you have done a great job interpreting yet another poem. I myself love poetry but have never really gotten into analyzing and writing about what I read the way you do; thus I love reading about how other people understand poems, (this one in particular because I have read it previously). In adition you once again tackle a poem/subject that is generally hard to talk about "love." I think everyone has had someone that they felt for deeply but couldn't have, but this poem/your interpretation makes one think in a different light. "What if we could have that person, what would we do/have done to keep her from leaving/going back to what keeps us apart; as far as murder? Hopefully in this day and age everyone would answer "NO" to the previous question, but the thought still remains, what would we do to keep something we know we CANNOT truely ever have. Again great job.GarrettP.S. Have you ever/or do you already know what the diesease "Porphyria" is. I am an avid CSI fan, and have a passion for the legends of the vampyre so I was wondering. If you're unfamilar with Porphyria look it up, it's fascinating, the closest we will ever know to the "true" physical aspects of vampyreism...
    • 25/01/2005
    • 22:50:22
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    Without repeating myself entirely from my comments dealing with "My Dutchess," I just want to saythat once again you have done a great job in analyzing this poem. It is clear, (to all your readers I'm sure), that you have a great love and superb interest in both poetry and your methods of analyzing them. As you conclude in your essay the subject of death can be a very difficult subject to write about, obviously Dylan Thomas did this well, and you have done well in analysis and interpretation of his work. Once again, good job. :-)Garrett
    • 25/01/2005
    • 22:06:37
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    Great Essay, I've always loved reading people's interpretations of classic works. As you say in the essay "some people might find the language archaic" but that's a lot of the fun. To take something such as "old" language and interpret into the know, what we know. You did very well with this, my congratulations on job well done with a subject that not everyone can feel so passionatley about. It is clear in your writing that you have a true interest in what your doing.
    • 25/01/2005
    • 21:17:49
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    This was a fantastic essay. I was recently asked to help a co-worker map out a code of ethics to be used both for his masters in managment and as a stepping stone for his department on the way to a complete/finalized code of ethics. Reading this has given me a plethora of ideas, thank you. Great job. :-)
    • 24/01/2005
    • 22:20:27
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  • Economics Of India

    I just simply want to congratulate the author by saying "good job" on writing a very complete and direct essay. It has helped me immensly in creating a rough outine of the economics of India for my business communications class. Again thank-you.
    • 10/07/2002
    • 16:53:37
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